Jason Beumer
Mar 21, 2018

Jason Beumer, VP & Senior Investment Portfolio Manager, US Bank Private Wealth Management:  “Outlook for the Markets and the Economy”.  Host:  Barry Kelner
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3/28/2018  John Kirkwood, Deputy Director of Global Security, Land O’Lakes Inc:  “From Local and Federal Law Enforcement to Private Sector Security – An Inside Look at the Journey”  Host: Gene Hoff

4/04/2018  James Johns, Lt. Col. Retired, Author and Public Speaker: “The Real Story About Pearl Harbor”,  Host: Roger O’Daniel

4/11/2018   Tom Horner,  "A Bridge Too Far?  Finding Common Ground in Today's Era of Extremism”

Dan Biersdorf, filling in for President Mike Schall, Good morning everybody.  We have a terrific speaker today!  Let’s start the program. 
No Announcements
Guests Today
Brad Sorensen guest of Don Teigen
Dan Biersdorf son & guest of Dan Bierdforf
Opening Ritual
Victor Kirsch – The guy late for green beer gathering with St Paul buddies & can’t find a parking spot crys out:  “Dear god, will only have 1 beer if help me find place to park!”  Guy turns corner and spots a place, calling out “Never mind god, just found one.” 
Then, Victor’s famous:  Why we’re here!

Introduction & Presentation
Barry Kelner  began with “Who am I? “providing a self-history before introducing todays speaker, Jason Beumer, VP & Senior Investment Portfolio Manager, US Bank Private Wealth Management.

Jason Beumer -  Thank you Barry & Thanks members for having me speak today. 
-Opening Slide:  Titled “Quite a Nine Years” showed solid upward slope graph.  Multiple statistics, including:   676 -> 2,786 market (312%), 2009 unemployment at 8.7% &  now ~4%, and best & worse stocks.  

-Q – Can it last?

-Slide:  “History doesn’t repeat, but it does tend to rhyme”.  Month of January a ‘rhyme’ predictor. 

-Slide:  “GP growth verse Time” chart showing solid growth for 35 quarters.

-Slide:  “2018 major investment themes” shown and discussed.  “KISS” mantra mentioned. Further, recent tax cuts should help extend current economic ride.

-Per James Carville, the economy, stupid (theme) all components point to higher GDP in next 12/18 months.

-“CEO Confidence” chart -  high since Trump elected & remains excited in business world

-“Help Wanted Signs Everywhere”  wage growth 2.5% now.  With low inflation, companies can provide wage increases.  Today, labor market tight; anybody who really wants to work will work.

-Inflation at 1.7% now, yet nothing like 1970’s.   Lot of room before an issue. 

-Are stocks expensive?   Can’t say they’re not, but not expensive comparing to alternative.  Jason explained - providing numerous rations and rational.

-Favorite movie “Caddy Shack” line:  “What you shoot today?  Don’t keep score, just watch their height...”  If we watch trend with Federal Reserve ‘leadership height’, follows that interest rates will rise after Yellen!

-CONCLUSION:  “The glass remains half full, but risk/reward picture more balanced”

Q – Any reason for concern on GDP vs National debt?
A – Y & N – Debt’s worrisome.  Worried about % of Debt vs GDP.  US continues to have growth, yet worrisome with % of Budget Components – Problems in next 20 years.
Q/Comment – Problem all have, we need to look at 1st category & focus keeping mind view on bigger picture....
A – Part of Tax Change to disincentivize mergers and moves overseas.  Demographics & productivity changing. 
Q – Status of GNP?   What’s correlation with investment decisions?
A – All data helps informed decisions. 
Q – MN Tax comments?
A – Tremendous angst!  Much positive in state, but can’t continue being highest Tax State in Nation.  
Q – What expect this week from Feds, other than interest rates? 
A – Powell’s 1st opportunity to speak.  Will see his views on balance sheet.  
Q – Regarding prior Slide re ‘Value for Growth’ thinking Growth is King – When expect small Caps to kick in? 
A – Last 6 months, growth is king.   Will see how plays out.  
Q/Comment – President of Mpls Reserve recently made argument for no reason to increase rates.
A – Couple of flaws.  Has it worked?  Average saver/investor not affected.  1/3 companies haven’t made money in 8 years - but staying in business because of low interest.   Yet, low rates haven’t helped everybody.
Much appreciative applause followed presentation. 
Thank you  Darrell Bertelson for photos  - (provided on Membersihip Weekly Email Distributions). 
Ron Jensen

Kelly O’Brien
Mar 14, 2018

Kelly O’Brien, Director of Admissions at Dunwoody College of Technology:  Host:  George Mueller
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3/21/2018  Jason Beumer, VP & Senior Investment Portfolio Manager, US Bank Private Wealth Management:  “Outlook for the Markets and the Economy”.  Host:  Barry Kelner

3/28/2018  John Kirkwood, Deputy Director of Global Security, Land O’Lakes Inc:  “From Local and Federal Law Enforcement to Private Sector Security – An Inside Look at the Journey”  Host: Gene Hoff

President Mike Schall  - Good Morning Everybody – Happy Wednesday – Great speaker today! 
Les Sharpe -  An on going theme for Help - Our speaker list’s still on thin side.  Openings for April & May - Thank You.
Bob Lewis – Another appeal.  Membership shrinking.  Membership fees may go up again.
Eye Glasses – Black framed prescription eyeglasses were left behind after today’s meeting. The glasses were placed in box designated ‘Ham & Eggs’ in closet off today’s meeting room. 
No Guests Today
Opening Ritual
Victor Kirsch - The lady stopped at drug store asking pharmacist for bottle of cyanide.  Seriously concerned, What’s Reason pharmacist asked.   It’s for my husband.  The lady then showed pharmacist an alarming photo of husband and pharmacist’s wife together.  The pharmacist replied:  Why didn’t you tell me you had a subscription?    Then, Victor’s answer to:   Why we’re here! 

Introduction & Presentation
George Mueller  introduced today stating:  “Recent speaker’s from unions stressed importance of skilled labor.  78% of today’s available jobs not filled because of lack of skills.  Friends, today’s speaker has a 99% placement record for his school trained graduates.  Welcome Kelly O’Brien

Kelly O’Brien, Director of Admissions Dunwoody College of Technology, opened with: Technology does work!  Thank you for having me here today! 

Kelly then provided informative, well developed, Q & A filled, fast paced communication (w videos) to appreciative Ham & Eggs gathering. 

-Dunwoody’s more than a trade school:   Video here explaining  ‘predictive factor’ titled:  “Success in the New Economy’ was shown.
Per video:  perception of higher earnings with a 4 year college degree
66% today go to 4 year college after HS - reality shows 25% graduate.  Not what all expect & result is lot of unemployment with much cost.   Some of old advice is today considered myth.

-Kelly here asked:  “What you think of that?”   Club attendees were significantly positive.

-Today 8 jobs waiting for each Dunwoody graduate - reason our job placement is so high. 

-Founded in 1914 & located in downtown Mpls across from Walker Arts Center – we’re a private non-profit college.  Our students spend 30% more time in labs than traditional colleges.
(here: Q&A session broke out – terrific Q’s w responsive Answers – Scribe couldn’t keep up)

Concluding – Dunwoody is #1 ranked 2 years college in MN based on average earnings 10 years after graduation. We’re very proud of return on investments.  Today’s presentation ended with a 2nd Video focused on the campus and current renovations. 
Much appreciative applause followed Kelly O’Brien’s presentation. 

Ron Jensen

Bill Jones & Ann Kay
Mar 7, 2018

Bill Jones and Ann Kay“The Rock  ‘n Read Project”.  Host:  Cliff Erickson
Upcoming Events

3/14/2018  Kelly O’Brien, Director of Admissions at Dunwoody College of Technology:  Host:  George Mueller

3/21/2018  Jason Beumer, VP & Senior Investment Portolio Manager, US Bank Private Wealth Management:  “Outlook for the Markets and the Economy”.  Host:  Barry Kelner

3/28/2018  John Kirkwood, Deputy Director of Global Security, Land O’Lakes Inc:  “Fron Local and Federal Law Enforcement to Private Sector Security – An Inside Look at the Journey”  Host: Gene Hoff

President Mike Schall  - Good Morning Everybody - Welcome. 
Les Sharpe   2 announcements:  1) As follow on to last week’s Climate Change topic, respected meteorologist Paul Douglas is speaking at Mount Oliver Church April 15th   with topic: “Caring for Creation”.  Brochures available.  2) We’re looking for speakers for April and May.   Contact me please. 
No Formal Guests Today
Not formal, but greeted by walk in visitor this morning.  Sitting next to hospitable ‘interim host’ Dale Borgeson.  Dale kindly stood saying: “we have a visitor!”  Dale asked visitor Name and if Retired (searching for intro & dialog).   Response:  “John” & “Very Much...”   Ham & Eggs meeting continued. 
Opening Ritual
Cliff Erickson (filling for Victor Kirsch) responded to opening call:  “Why we’re here?  What a profound syllogism!  Simply because best place this side of Andromeda Galaxy to spend Wednesday morning – WE’RE GLAD YOU’RE HERE!” 

Introduction & Presentation
Cliff Erickson began speaker intro quoting Tennyson (why not?) then stated met todays speakers at Minnetonka Symphony Chorus.  With background and praise, Cliff admitted smiling, (the good) Bill’s 6’6” frame filled with Finnish DNA, then (the bad), Ann’s daughter a Yale graduate!   Much laughter!  

Ann Kay opened singing “Good Morning, Good Morning.   Am Glad You’re Here...Glad You’re a Friend of Mine”.  Then commanding:  “Everybody put hands together and sing!”   Suddenly, Ham & Eggs (singing & clapping) sounded like a Revival Meeting.  (wonder what Networking folk across hall thought!)

Ann – Here: duo presenters Bill Jones & Ann Kay began remarkably informative ‘tag team’ presentation opening with Fox 9 News video of  ‘Rock N’ Read’ mobile bus lab.  Goal: stressing music value to teach & enable reading.

-Kids sing with this software program. Singing gets points.  Goal: help them read! 

Bill – Bad singers stay monotone.   The software we use helps sing in tune.   Singing in tune with beat remarkably helps kids reading ability.  Dramatically

Ann – Presented graph showing study;  ‘8th graders reading at 4th grade level’
-Singing songs repetitively 3 times a day for 9 weeks, experimental group jumped reading ability by 2 years.

-Data over 1500 student’s shows ‘melodic learning’ causes something to go on in brain.  Discussions with neuro doctors – yes, some brains can’t distinguish different sounds. Doctors can now predict how preschoolers will do in reading with ability to synchronize on a steady beat. 

-Sound over time improves auditory ability

Bill – Study experience: dyslexia not a reading problem.  Simply need to keep a steady beat.  

Ann – Who keeps a steady beat?  “Poems!”  Here reciting “Hickory Dickory Dock” with a hand clapping beat.  Hand clapping’s a steady beat.  Nursery rhymes have steady beat. 

Bill – Girls do more steady beat stuff today, Guys like baseball.   Girls outscore boys reading in every country because of steady beat early activities.  Data presented.

Ann – So why does singing songs raise reading ability?  4 reasons described. 
Bill – (moving around room microphone in hand) Once can get boys to move voice to follow song tune, reading immediately starts to improve.

Ann – Finding software ‘singing coach’,  we requested 25 free copies.  But were suggested to distribute to music stores.  Wrong approach.  Reason we started project.   With our “Vision & Mission” kids on bus experiment – found kids loved it! 

Bill – Luther Automotive fabulous with bus experiment - installing labs into renovated school bus.

Ann – Went to MN Legislature & received $100K to pilot 4 schools (2016?).  In 2017-2019: received $500K for 10-15 schools after results in original pilot schools.
-Active learning – some kids dance while learning.  Singing at pilot schools have happy kids and happy teachers.  Kids’ reading “took off!”

Bill – Skeptic teacher story here.  At end, teacher thrilled with what saw.
Q&A starts while Presentation Continued
Q-Your project covered 2nd thru 5th grade.  Why not pre-school?  
A- Couple reasons:  Still looking at diffused versions of software.  And, we don’t necessarily think preschool should learn to read - more important learn to socialize and interact.
Q- You mentioned swimming?
A- Swimming actually a steady beat.  Anything to body feeling rhythmic helps.
Q- What are kids actually seeing on lab’s software?
A- Will show you!  (Here actual program presented on screen).  The real problem is kids can’t make tonal pitch go up or down, instead only change volume.  
Ann – If go to Finland, start with Finish song with baby getting bounced while being sung to.  Via software, kids get to choose proactive song – listen several times then sing themselves.  The software on screen shows pitch expected and singers pitch viewed as learning feedback.  Goal to sing along insuring pitch remains with software’s ‘grey bar’ presentation of pitch expected.
Bill – Cliff (here pointing to today’s speaker host) why don’t you show us a demo?
-Cliff Erickson here demonstrates the ‘pitch training’ software singing into microphone popular rhyme as directed by training software.
Q–How you integrate with music specialists in schools?
A- Really don’t really have (or want?) music teachers involved.  Goal is to enable kids to read.  Thousands of kids in school can’t read.
Q/Comment–Studies show N Mpls vocabulary very poor. 
A- Reading is fundamental.  70% of Mpls students need extra year of Reading & Math to get into college. 
Q–Difference observed relating to Single Adult interaction?  
A- Many single parent families today.  Direct correlation between parents and kids vocabulary.  Is a difference between TV verse face to face.
Q–Any study at 9th grade level?
A- Changing the software program, developer couldn’t sell as most thought a music program.  HS kids love it.  Software developer took wrong path – aiming toward music rather than reading.
Ann – Tool is great aid to special education schools.  Examples with dyslexia success stories told of kids going from bottom of class into accelerated learning. 
Q–Speed reading - any help? 
A- Our solution deals with inner hearing problem.  Remarkably, many music teachers have problems hearing within own heads.
Q–Grandchild in kindergarten & parents concerned can’t read.  Suggest? 
A- Absolutely not critical.  Kindergarten classes should sing - reading doesn’t have to happen.  Finland doesn’t teach reading til 2nd grade.  They let kids go outside and get exercise.  Go  to  U-Tube, find a song & sing with them.  Train a steady beat...
(Multiple simultaneous discussions broke out at this point..)
Bill – Young kids pick up language very quickly.  At 3-9 months they know words long before speaking

Ann – People with Alzheimer’s come alive with music. 
Q–Just retired as teacher in Mpls.  Report Mpls has movement to get rid band and orchestra programs converting to computer rooms.  
A- Mpls not providing correct presentation.  
 Thank You Darrell Bertelson & Dale Borgeson for photos presented on Member email distributions. 
Ron Jensen

Overheard after meetingt:  “School classes are organized for teacher, there’s no union for students”
Additional Info:

Alan Anderson
Feb 28, 2018

Alan Anderson, retired executive for Boy Scouts of America, volunteer speaker for the non-partisan Citizen’s Climate Lobby: “Rising CO2 and the Science of Climate Change:.  Host: Dan Biersdorf
Upcoming Events
3/07/2018   Bill Jones and Ann Kay:  “The Rock  ‘n Read Project”.  Host:  Cliff Erickson

3/14/2018  Kelly O’Brien, Director of Admissions at Dunwoody College of Technology:  Host:  George Mueller

3/21/2018  Jason Beumer, VP & Senior Investment Portolio Manager, US Bank Private Wealth Management:  “Outlook for the Markets and the Economy”.  Host:  Barry Kelner

President Mike Schall  - Good Morning Everyone.  Thrilled to see everyone today – say as just little concerned might lose some to meeting next door.   ‘Much Laughter...’

No Announcements
Today’s Distinguished Guests
Mike Doyle  guest of Dan Biersdorf
Anders Olson guest of Matt Biersdorf
Lee Biersdforf guest of Matt Biersdorf
Continuing Ritual
Victor Kirsch following fast paced humors (actuaries & hunters targeted today)  Then, the famous renown:  “Why we’re here...”.

Introduction & Presentation
Dan Biersdorf presented today’s guest speaker:  Alan Anderson. 

Alan Anderson started fascinating presentation with slide: “Rising CO2 & the Science of Climate Change”
Speakers Statements & Photos (photos email distributiions only) follow: 

--Weather at any given location is Not Climate.  Climate is average of weather over time.
-We can currently shift average climate warmer, but will take millennium to shift back.  Impacts already happening. 

-The What’s and Why’s of climate is a scientific issue.  Need to listen to the specialists.

-Frequently Asked Q slide discussed: including topic of Ice Ring analysis (back 800,000 years) showing earth’s Natural Cycles.

-CO2 today has passed 400 parts per million (ppm), a level last occurred ~3 million years ago when global temperatures and sea levels significantly higher than today.
-Year Green House model proposed if atmosphere CO2 doubled, climate would raise ~7 degrees F.   Remarkably, Super Computers today suggest similar - between 4 & 8 degree F
-Greenhouse effect is Good.  But, but like many things in life, too much of good thing is bad.

-Today, Artic is warming twice as fast as rest of planet.

-CO2 projected to 800 to 1200 ppm calculated to be difficult (not possible?) to correct.

-A 99% scientific consensus states humans causing today’s climate change.

-Well funded efforts to confuse & delay corrective actions exist.  Example:  ‘Remote Statistical Sensing’ showing no global warming for 18 years.   Alan Anderson described how charts creator clipped and modified graphic presentation.

-Good News – 195 countries across world acknowledge problem.   Today, only 1 country in world rejects consensus:  US.

-Solution Chart presented. 

-Concluding phenomenal presentation, Alan Anderson stated:  “Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something!”  Here, Alan showed photo of his 3 granddaughters stating: “we leave a legacy to our children...”
Significant Applause!

Q-5K years ago, Africa’s Sahara Desert was a jungle - Comment?  
A- Part of the ‘big natural’ cycle.
Q- If limit to one industry, how big’s coal?
A- Coal puts out twice pollutants as Natural gas - which we still need to reduce.
Q- What’s clean coal? Also, comment on methane.
A1-No such thing as  clean coal.  Attempts at unbelievably expensive – alternative, simply shift to natural gas (fracking industry has made it very cheap)
A2-Regarding methane?  Absolutely, it’s 25-30 times more powerful than CO2.  Saying that, it  has a 10 yr life cycle.  CO2 keeps accumulating, a very long life time. 
Q- With world wide effort to reduce CO2, Germany is still building coal plants!
A- Is confusing.   Yet Germany ahead of US with wind and solar 
Q–Attended climate conference ~25 years ago, some countries better n others.
A- No specific countries recognized best today.
Q/Comment –Rich nations have flexibility to dilly dally. Some countries don’t have that luxury.
A- Not just hitting poor African farmers – and they’re advancing to solar today.  Re rich countries with more options? not true, example: Miami. 
Q–Nothing mentioned about wood burning. 
A- Wood burning is part of natural cycle.  Still, not good to be a wood burner.

Following references to additional information:
Paul Doulas book:  “Caring for Creation”
Web Search Recommendation:  “Climate Change Evidence of Causes”
Contact Alan Anderson:
Thank you Darrell Bertelson for photography( included on Member email distributions) 

Ron Jensen
PS:  Scribe not even attempting Cliff Erickson’s T-Shirt today... 
Polygons , parallaxes (3 dimensional stuff) and other words way too big...