Blois Olson
April 18, 2018

Blois Olson, Author of “Morning Take” on AM Radio:  “Volatility of Media and Politics”, Host Mike Lehmann
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4/25/2018  Bob Dickey, Managing Director and Technical Strategist, RBC Wealth Management:  “The Stock Market Ahead – Better Than You Think”.  Host:  Dan Biersdorf

5/02/2018  Dave Race:  “Passion for Patient – Comments on Health Care Today”.  Host: Roger O’Daniel

5/09/2018  Grant J. Merritt: “Iron and Water”, a Memoir of Family, Mining Pioneer and Unscrupulous Magnates, and the Fight for Minnesota’s Natural Resources.  Host: Cliff Erickson.
Club President Mike Schall   Good morning everybody. 
Guests Today
Richard Kirschner guest of Herb Schechter
Dario Anselmo guest of Mike Lehmann
No announcements. 
Opening Ritual
Victor Kirsch,  Before Ritual Humor & Why Here:  Victor tells just finished book via Chuck Yeager titled “Yeager”.  Recommended!    THEN: Texas judge asks lady why put 6 bullets into back of purse stealing thief?   Cause -  then it just went click, click, click.   Moral:  don’t mess with Texans.  THEN AGAIN: “Why are we here?   Because....!”
 Introduction & Speaker Presentation
Mike Lehmann  hosting today’s speaker, & building intro, acknowledged H&E Club always acts in non-partisan manor and respectfully:  “One of the many attributes of today’s extensively knowledgeable speaker. Please welcome:  Blois Olson.

Blois Olson  Thanks for having me.   Spoke 5 or 6 years ago, course nothing’s happened since!  Per Q just heard, why here? Topic this morning is volatility:  Volatility of media & Politics.
Statements heard at today complex, insightful, humor filled presentation follow: 

-Tracking Presidential, MN Senate & MN House trends for past 20 years – report AM Mon-Thurs on WCCO radio.

-Voting trends for some State and Local Metro areas (2012 vs 2016) show huge change.

-Listening to current political flavor, Blois liked visiting local dinners.  Told to visit S St Paul, learned working women despised Hillary!   
(Following:  perhaps key statement in political volatility presentation)
-The last 10 Days (before voting) decides State Governor!   Why?  We’re really Moody!  MN voting ‘Moodyness’ is like MN weather! 

-‘Democracy vs Democrazy’ humor slides projected (supporting above statement) together with ‘Anger Trainers’, ‘Messengers’, ‘Audience’ & ‘Ultimate Voter’ humorous images.

-We voters either ‘shutdown’ or ‘blow up’ following today’s political process.  Much of country now in Shutdown mode & voters not at polls cause brains turned off! 

-You here in Edina Country Club listening to Politics right now:  “You’re Not Normal People!”  (back of room voice readily bellers acceptance!) 

-Polarization trend charts displayed - we’re getting farther apart.  (Clearly, today’s speaker & last week’s phenomenal presentation by Tom Horner in total synchronization)

-“If you’re responding, you’re losing!” theme.   Notice president’s events in news every morning?  Those in opposition don’t know how to get him out of the cycle!

-“Pinball Effect” on media viewership explained – Where lot of us get our news.

-Up from 2016, in 2017 over 2/3’s Adults receive news via Social Media without a source.   51% claim seeing Fake News. Only 20% viewers say national news doing good job.  
Concluding, Blois restates theme, “Our governor selected 10 Days before. Process like the weather”.   Much Applause! 

Here healthy volley of Questions and Opinions followed:  Predominant theme, Today’s voting process involves “Emotions & Feelings opposed to Thinking”

Thank You Dale Borgeson  for photos (provided with weekly Newsletter distributions). 
Ron Jensen


Tom Horner
April 11, 2018

Tom Horner,  "A Bridge Too Far?  Finding Common Ground in Today's Era of Extremism”
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4/18/2018  Blois Olson, Author of “Morning Take” on AM Radio:  “Volatility of Media and Politics”, Host Mike Lehmann

4/25/2018  Bob Dickey, Managing Director and Technical Strategist, RBC Wealth Management:  “The Stock Market Ahead – Better Than You Think”.  Host:  Dan Biersdorf

5/02/2018  Dave Race:  “Passion for Patient – Comments on Health Care Today”.  Host: Roger O’Daniel
Club President Mike Schall “man of few words”:   Good morning, let’s get started. 
Guests Today
Barry Bloomgren guest of Bob Remakel
Dave Bardal guest of Larry Forsland
Kevin Horner guest of Matt Biersdorf
Chris Horner guest of Matt Biersdorf
No announcements. 
Opening Ritual
Victor Kirsch.  Just finished book “Miracle at Midway”.  Fascinating story of WWII pilot downing 5 Japanese zeros.  Pilot landed on aircraft carrier and proudly announced to Captain his accomplishments.   The Captain says:  “Ahhh Sooo....(delivered with much accent) but make one serious mistake....” –Then, following humors & Victor’s “Why are we here?   Because....!”

Speaker Presentation
Without a formal introduction for today’s speaker, Mike Schall smiles and states:  “I think he can handle it himself.  Tom Horner”

Tom Horner, surprised seeing his two sons in attendance, thanks Matt Biersdorf, provided a quick update of family including this week’s 1st birthday of grandchild.
Delighted to be here this AM.   We’re going to talk about politics and extremism.  Starting with:  “Politics has always been a contact sport!’ Tom provided a fascinating fast paced informative presentation describing reasons for today’s polarization of public and politicians, concluding with solutions and recommendations.

A copy of Tom Horner’s presentation follows:

I. Politics always a contact sport in US, but got things done.
  • Acid rain – included contentious cap-and-trade.
What’s different today?
Instead of being the vehicle for finding solutions, politics has become barrier to solutions.
  • DFLer Walz on gun safety measures; GOP state Sen. Jensen on health reform. If can’t take one step right or left, where is compromise possible?
  • Polarization creating an era of pork barrel politics unlike any other.
Both parties spend on their special interests without regard to consequences. $21 t deficit on way to $33 t by 2028.
  • Now have govt by executive order and regulation.
How did we get here?
Four trends accelerating over the past 40-50 years.
  1. Establishment and funding of political industry.
  • Fueled by money even before 2010 Citizens United. Independent expenditure groups created in 1975 as a reaction to the secret money accounts uncovered during Watergate. Upheld in 1976 Buckley v Valeo Supreme Court case. Wealthy people now could LEGALLY spend unlimited amounts of money on campaigns.
  • Candidates insulated from the most negative campaign attacks. Example: 1988 Willie Horton ad against Michael Dukakis. Horton serving life sentence for murder committed a rape while on a weekend furlough under Mass program. Independent expenditure group – Larry McCarthy, started under Ailes – produced spot. Dukakis in summer leading 55-38 in July 1988 (Gallup); lost 53-46%.
  • About two-thirds of ads in 2016 presidential campaign negative; another 20% were “contrast” ads. Only about 15% were positive.
  1. Technological advances
  • CNN became first 24-hour cable channel in 1980; but MN innovation accelerated impact. Stanley Hubbard in 1984 launched the first satellite news gathering vehicle. As Stan E. Hubbard said, “We made it possible for local TV stations to write their own headlines.”
·No longer needed to get film to NY in time for processing. Events covered live. Coverage of breaking news became coverage of bending news – every nuance, every new statement.
  • Enormous impact on 1988 – Gary Hart and Donna Rice.
  • Followed by advances that allowed for targeting, one-on-one communications, etc.
3. Contract for America
  • Newt Gingrich and 1994 Contract for America leveraged trends that already were in the making – the southern transition from D to R that began with LBJ; Reagan defining government not as the solution, but as the problem; voter cynicism in aftermath of Vietnam and Watergate.  
  • Gingrich’s biggest impact was to make governing a part-time job; the full-time job became running for re-election. Money chase, loss of collegiality.
4. Self-sorting
  • Finally, increasingly, we live, work, worship and recreate with people like ourselves.
  • Losing common cultural touchstones – no TV program last season ranked in top five among all audiences, African Americans and Asian Americans and Hispanics. How do you have conversations about big issues if don’t have topics for water-cooler conversations?
  • Also some unexpected consequences of positive trends. For example, Research shows that higher education has a polarizing effect on people: Highly educated liberals become more liberal, while highly educated conservatives grow more conservative. And, with more education comes more mobility. During the 1980s and 1990s, 45 percent of college-educated Americans moved to a new state within five years of graduation, compared with only 19 percent of their counterparts who had only a high-school diploma. Consequence: In 1976, for example, just more than a quarter of Americans resided in counties where presidential candidates won the election by a margin of 20 percent or more; but by the year 2004, nearly half of Americans lived in what essentially are one-party counties.
II. Where are we at today?
Lots of data on how polarized; bigger issue is so what – the impact.
  1. Increasingly, we don’t vote for the person, but for the party.
  • In 1980s a quarter of the electorate voted for president one way and the House or Senate another way.
  • By 2012, only about 11 percent of voters said they split their tickets.
  • And in 2016, every single state that elected a Republican senator voted for Donald Trump — and every single state that elected a Democratic senator voted for Hillary Clinton. That’s a first in American history.   
  1. More states controlled by single party, reducing accountability, policy innovation.
  • 1997 – 20 states controlled by Ds, 18 by Rs, 11 divided (49 states – Nebraska unicameral)
  • Started to change in 2006 in favor of Ds; by 2010, 27 Ds, 14Rs, 8 divided.
  • Then big swing with Obama’s mid-term and reelection and continuing. Today, 32 Rs, 13Ds, 4 divided.
  • Becomes self-fulfilling with redistricting.
  1. National surveys by Gallup, others, show that Americans feel worse off, more isolated and more fearful about the future than even during Great Recession.
  1. Half of households face crisis with unexpected bill of $400. Sondra Samuels to H&E: 9 schools in N Mpls; you wouldn’t send your kids to 7.
  2. Low- and middle-class wage earners frustrated by inability to get ahead. They believe big part of problem is a corrupt government that works FOR the elite, AGAINST interests of common person.
  3. Angry that for first time in country’s history, many people see a future in which their children will be poorer and less healthy than their parents.
  1. No longer trust arbiters of what is true and what is nonsense. 
  • Science and scientists are mistrusted by the left AND right, according to Pew Research:
  • Eating genetically modified foods -- 57% of US adults believe it is unsafe. Among scientists: 88% say it is safe.
  • Is the earth is warming mostly because of human activity? Among US adults, 48% say it is a result of natural patterns or there is no evidence. Among scientists: 87% cite human activity.                                          
  • American Public Media Ground level survey found that among Minnesotans, 43% trust news media to do what is right; 56% do not trust the media.       
  • Decline in participation in organized religion. And, at a time when millennials and others are turning away from organized religion, some political and religious leaders are doing all they can to further undermine values of morality, decency and humanity.
  • Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council explains the moral compromises evangelicals make in their support of Trump by saying they “were tired of being kicked around by Barack Obama and his leftists. And I think they are finally glad that there’s somebody on the playground that is willing to punch the bully.”
  • Conservative columnist Michael Gerson characterized Perkins’ explanation this way: “In this explanation, Trump’s approach to public discourse is actually the main selling point. His bullying — his cruelty, crudity and personal insults — is admired because it is directed at other bullies.”
  • When don’t have experts, turn to peers and party. People are using politics to fill the void when other attachments are eroding. As David Brooks wrote, “When politics is used as a cure for spiritual and social loneliness, it’s hard to win people over with policy or philosophical arguments.”  
III. Five Outcomes
  1. A political system in which there is no accountability for actually producing results. If I know my party label is my golden ticket to re-election, there is no responsibility to take risks or step outside the narrow partisan lines.
  2. A political system that is self-serving. The goal is not to produce good policy, but to get re-elected. More incentive for politicians of both parties to create giveaways and to favor special interests than there is to invest in the future.
  3. A political system in which there is no pressure for change. We have a duopoly in which both political parties have a very strong vested interest in the status quo.
  4. An undermining of our national character and common purpose. Rise of nationalism, racism: Loneliness, economic and cultural segregation promote anger, me vs them.
  5. 3P Policy – polls, partisans, pundits. Policy looks backwards to protect/gain partisan advantage. Politics on the left too often pits groups against each other; on the right, American opportunity is seen as fixed – if someone else gets something, I don’t.
IV. Solutions
  1. Political reform
  • Redistricting
  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Public financing – Promote small dollar, local contributors.
  1. Personal
  • Good policy happening outside government: Get involved. AmeriCorps. Minnesota Reading Corps. Yes, government involved, but depends on committed citizens.
  • Stop talking and start listening. Go beyond traditional sources. Explore the views of others. Don’t worry about being tainted. The problem isn’t so much that you will fall for a false argument – in fact, as one expert said, “Humans…aren’t randomly credulous. Presented with someone else’s argument, we’re quite adept at spotting the weaknesses.” Instead, she said, “Almost invariably, the positions we’re blind about are our own.
  • Be a smart consumer of information.  
  • Check sources. If items show up in email, news feed with “breaking,” “exclusive,” or some other sensational headline, by wary. If it’s a real story, should have a real source that you can check. As RR said, Trust but Verify.
  • Be skeptical about information. If every email, story that shows up in your social media confirms your opinions and you accept that as confirmation of your keen insights, you haven’t been paying attention to Cambridge Analytica.

Q– How much does social media affect todays polarization described?
A – Significantly.  Even if you’re a minor user of social media, information extracted on what you believe.

Q – What about Smart Phones?
A – Absolutely!  Technology can find out voters preferences.

Q – Thoughts on Term Limits?
A – Not a big fan of term limits.  We need more accountability, not less.   (rational explained).
Q/Comment – Heard recent statement MN & Mpls most corrupt state and city in nation.  That, plus 3rd highest cost of living in US.
Response – Not heard corrupt evaluation.  On cost of living, take with grain of salt.  What criteria used?  Must put in context. Ex: Cost of winter included? etc...
Q –Disappointed hearing ‘Citizens United’ pessimism.  Where that come from?
A –Cost to change significant.  Solutions blocked by special interest groups meant to change.
Q – Redistricting for years – Today’s maps outrageous!
A – Yes - Largely.  Near fair representation to minorities not easy.  Redistricting by Courts & Not legislature consistently see Dem to Rep reversals and Rep to Dem reversals. 
Members seeing President Mike Schall having to force adjournment (time limits) reported Ham & Eggs record ‘HIGHEST APPLAUSE’ ever heard!  Further, one member claimed, our club  speakers often send the meter ‘off scale’. 

Thank you Tom Horner!   
Ron Jensen


James Johns
April 4, 2018

James Johns, Lt. Col. Retired, Author and Public Speaker: “The Real Story About Pearl Harbor”,  Host: Roger O’Daniel
Upcoming Events
4/11/2018   Tom Horner,  "A Bridge Too Far?  Finding Common Ground in Today's Era of Extremism”

4/18/2018  Blois Olson, Author of “Morning Take” on AM Radio:  “Volatility of Media and Politics”, Host Mike Lehmann

4/25/2018  Bob Dickey, Managing Director and Technical Strategist, RBC Wealth Management:  “The Stock Market Ahead – Better Than You Think”.  Host:  Dan Biersdorf

Mike Schall, Club President, opened with:    Good morning everybody.   Welcome to January.   Can’t believe it’s April.  Thank you Dan Biersdorf for filling in last couple weeks. 
Guests Today
Bob Bonde guest of Dale Borgeson
Tom Ries guest of Joe Langer
Erick Ries guest of Joe Langer

No announcements. 
Opening Ritual
Tom Horner, filling in for Victor Kirsch, stating nobody can replace ’The Great Victor’, quoted from Garrison Keillor:  “March is god’s gift to MN - so those who don’t drink can still experience a hangover!” –Then, Tom’s rendition of: “Why we’re here!”
Introduction & Presentation
Roger O’Daniel provided a fine introduction:  “Met Jim Johns at MN Historical Society.  Besides an amazing career, he builds aircraft after thorough research.  He’s also an author.  Presentation today is about the unusual ‘real truth’ on what happened causing Pearl Harbor.   Friends: Jim Johns.
James Johns began remarkable fast paced ‘unreal’ rendition of events leading up to Pearl Harbor via information from National Achieves that is totally counter all books written on Pearl Harbor bombing leading US into WWII.  Starting research 10 years earlier,  Jim wrote a book “Reassessing Pearl Harbor”.  Sending review copies to 12 publishers, decided if no one interested – task going to bottom of do list.  Remarkably, very 1st publisher returned:  “How soon can we print?”   Book now published and distributed in multiple countries.
Per Scribes style:  Fragment snippets of what heard follow:
-1941, Hitler conquered Europe with exception of Great Britain.  Hitler was in control of Atlantic, Japan significantly ruled the Pacific. 

-Britain had to be kept safe, yet FDR promised not to go to war! He had to find a way. 

-FDR needed to break biggest campaign promise yet stay in voter grace.

-Hitler knew if US entered war, Britain would be saved.

-1941, bill in congress that ‘nobody wrote’.  Bill would arm neutral nations getting into war - clearly against US law.   At time: US losing ships, plus British ships being repaired in US at rate of 10/month - illegally.  

-During this period, US combat ships escorting Britain ships across Atlantic with American lives being lost.  

-FDR’s chance, demand congress go to war with Germany.  Meantime, Marines sent to Iceland.  Per fine print, US had right to commerce in war time. 

-Franklin, found very hard to get into war in Atlantic, decided would enter war in Pacific!  Beautiful way: step into Asian occupation of Indonesian area, including cutting off Japans imports (80% of material imported went to war).

-US military base at Pearl Harbor was significant. 

-US broke Japanese code.  We had a machine where could decode and read Japanese secrets for 1 &1/2 years before Pearl Harbor. 

-Nov 29, honorable Japanese efforts converted to: “will be make believe”

-1939, concerned on communication secrecy, US purchased a ‘scrambler’ from AT&T.  Remarkably, AT&T sold same scrambler to Germany when invented in 1937.

-Churchill called FDR with British information:  large Japanese fleet heading for Pearl Harbor with arrival date est Dec 8th.

Six Washington actions performed to convince Pearl Harbor would be a Surprise! 
1) Message to Admiral to clear specified sea lanes in Pacific - adding 100’s of miles to shipping.  Goal not to forewarn/cancel Japanese attack.   FDR needed a unified American cause.
2) ‘Secret White House Conference’ “When you know going to be hit, don’t fight back” instructions.  Needed solidarity of American people.
3) Message to Admiral, get carriers out of port together with fastest ships. 
4) Secretary of State, 10 point note transfer of Japanese surrender requirements.  Ambassadors astounded as 10 points note demanded war, even knowing fleet was on the way.
5) War notes transferred to cover selves. 
6) FDR notified census dept to start tally of all 1st generation Japanese in US.   In actuality, Japanese far more patriotic than Germans.   They had 3 days to exit to Utah were kept for 3 & 1/2 years.
-Nov 29, things did happen.  Japanese about to declare war against Britain, Russia and/or US.  A fake weather report via Tokyo embedded in news broadcast would communicate Japanese war intents to Ambassadors.   Fake weather report was repeated 3 times.

-Info transferred up to FDR.   FDR was in no hurry to notify Admiral Kimmel.   
Here:  Jim Johns asks:  “how doing for time?” A Voice Responds: “KEEP GOING!”
 -The real US start in WWII ‘a missed story’ involving submarine between US ship and towed barge in Pearl Harbor gateway.  Submarine sunk under severe conflicting directions of engagement.   Following, pre 7AM detailed communication failures described.

-Japanese knew in War before bombing.  Fishing trawler raised white flag 1 hr before bombing began story. 

-Many US sailors lived because US fired 1st shot at Japanese submarine.   1st US shot in WWII actually missed, 2nd shot hit.

-General MacArthur $500K richer at cost of Americans in Philippines. 
Gonna End Here – Book Available...

Q/Comment– Mentioned cutting of Japanese import materials.  Remarkably: Ford motor axels machined made excellent gun barrels.
Q – Were FDR & Churchill cozy?
A – No.   We took Britain’s gold, gave em obsolete destroyers.
Q – Worried about US firing 1st  shot, wasn’t entering US waters a cause for War?
A – I would think so
Q/Comment  – Every conflict we’ve had has involved ‘bad rules of engagement’.  Always! 
Q – Absolutely.  Partially reason many Americans come home traumatized – Can be shot at but can’t shoot back.  Current president trying to change this...
Much appreciative applause followed. 
Thank you Dale Borgeson for photography (provided on weekly membership Newsletter distributions)
Ron Jensen

John Kirkwood
Mar 28, 2018

John Kirkwood, Deputy Director of Global Security, Land O’Lakes Inc:  “From Local and Federal Law Enforcement to Private Sector Security – An Inside Look at the Journey”  Host: Gene Hoff

Upcoming Events
4/04/2018  James Johns, Lt. Col. Retired, Author and Public Speaker: “The Real Story About Pearl Harbor”,  Host: Roger O’Daniel

4/11/2018   Tom Horner,  "A Bridge Too Far?  Finding Common Ground in Today's Era of Extremism”

4/18/2018  Blois Olson, Author of “Morning Take” on AM Radio:  “Volatility of Media and Politics”, Host Mike Lehmann

Dan Biersdorf, again filling for President Mike Schall, Good morning everybody.   Let’s start the program! 
Guests Today
Chris Anderson guest of Gene Hoff
Tim Wolter guest of Gene Hoff
Tom Lovetang guest of George Mueller
Jeff Clemenson guest of John Halpern
Jana Noonan guest of John Halpern
Don Davis guest of John Halpern
Leo Espinoza guest of John Halpern
John Hinderaker guest of John Halpern
Pastor Harding Smith guest of John Halpern
Ruth Smith guest of John Halpern
Dr Russell A Pointer guest of John Halpern
Todd Andrews guest of John Halpern
No verifiable announcements today. 
Opening Ritual
Victor Kirsch – The married Unicorn couple was lounging in bed.  Reading newspaper, Mr Unicorn said “I see we have nasty weather coming in”.   Mrs Unicorn says, “glad didn’t take that cruise you wanted with Noah!”     THEN!  Victor’s  Why we’re here!

Introduction & Presentation
Gene Hoff  provided today’s speaker introduction.

John Kirkwood, current Director of Global Land O’ Lakes Security with background of 30+ years Secret Service and Private sector security positions, thanked Gene Hoff for fine introduction and thanked Club Members for today’s invite.

First an opening humor:  Three boys playing started to brag how fast their fathers were: 
1st boy, “My dad’s so fast, he can shoot an arrow and run to position the target”
2nd boy, “My dad’s so fast he can shoot arrow, position target, then catch the arrow.”
3rd boy, “My dad’s a government employee: he’s so fast he can get off work at 5 and be home by 4:30!”
Brief ‘one liner’ notes from John Kirkwood’s fast paced informative presentation: 

-A quick history of Secret Service:  Created during the Civil War with first objective to fight counterfeit currency.   At that time, 1 of every 3 bills was counterfeit.

-Later came concept of protecting Presidents.   Later still, role expanded to protect Candidates, Heads of State on foreign soil and Pope when in US.

-John Kirkwood stared working for Secret Service in 1985 during Reagan’s presidency.  Retired when Obama president.  “...was a privilege to be a part of that team... “

-Selective Service challenge – Is person Making a threat or Posing a threat (explained).  Background required.  Mental illness often associated. 

-NW gate threats often cause it’s cold and mentally ill know warmth will result.

-We studied school shootings providing anything could to inform schools of potential issues.  National assessment team covered data from 1974 to study release.  comprehensive finding.   Goal attempted not a 1 dimensional investigation, but broad scoped.  Resulting document: State School Initiatives was pretty good read!

-Re school terror issues, 80% of cases involveD somebody knowing something going to happen.  Job: how to find them?  Important to bring this up! 

-Secret Service travels alot. Been in  40 countries thru career, much during campaigns, being gone ~185 days/year.   That education helped what doing for  Land O’ Lakes today.

-Current ‘Land O’ Lakes, Inc’ work for its 4 Divisions, John described.  Again, much travel.  Many countries treat very well.

-Civil work, including with Ramsey County Sheriff Matt Bostrom, described.  Work supported 2008 National Republican Convention.

-Switching back to Secret Service: Always close relationship with State & Local enforcement  - “gotta create friendships” and assisted many overtime budgets. 

-Here KGB story:  After President left and in hotel room, KGB came bringing beer – but No Bottle Opener!  We showed how to open with hand cuffs.  Not to be outdone, KGB opened another bottle using hand gun.   “Cops similar the world over...”

-Again, returning to work with Sheriff Matt Bostrom  (note:  prior Ham & Eggs speaker), ended up as Chief deputy. Learned civil process – fascinating.  “All respect in world for this level of enforcement!”

-Jumping back to prior Secret Service career before Q & A:  “Unions?  None.  If didn’t like situation, asked how like to go to New York tomorrow?”  Much laughter.  
Q&A   John here states:  “Ask anything you want –with exception of Monica Lewinsky...”
Q – You have extended training on how to look at crowds?
A – Involves lot of common sense.  Look for things that don’t belong.  A city was built for practice.  Diversion training explained. 
Q – Seriously, caught attention with activities in Pakistan.  Have daughter going over next month.  Anything I have to be worried about?
A – I’ll give you my card & we can talk about.  Saying, Pakistan people are very friendly/warm.
Q – With duties in Africa, you monitor increasing Chinese activities?
A – No 
2Q’S – Secret Servicer age limit & How fast you have to run? 
A – Mandatory retirement now 57.  Still, hiring back retired guys during Campaign as seriously short people.   Yes, mandatory fitness tests for everybody every quarter.  Lot of former athletics do well with service as know difference between pain & injury.   
Q Response:  – Much importance to ‘separation of protection’ duty.   Can’t all go after the threat.  Requirement to protect the President.  Primary job to protect and evacuate - requires agent discipline.
Q – Is it true Local law enforcement not friendly with Federal law enforcement?
A – There’s a real want to do the job!   In this day, working incredibly well together.  Stories followed (including bridge collapse where Federal agents even made coffee runs..)
Q– Any Federal support at the Super Bowl?
A – Not a primary National Security function – yet some assistance provided.
Much appreciative applause followed presentation. 

Thank you  Darrell Bertelson for photos (included in Member weekly Newsletter distributions) 

Ron Jensen