Fast & paperwork!

Please complete the entire electronic form below and click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the page
Our TREASURER will then automatically receive your application for his records. Ther is no cost for membership at this time.
Our WEB SITE MANAGER will automatically receive your application & add your name in our membership list and print your name badge for the breakfast meetings at the ECC. 

Breakfast is less than $20 including tip and tax, payable at the door each Wednesday  for members attending in person at ECC. No cost to members attending when on ZOOM. 

Currently meeting are held using ZOOM. Mike will send your invitation to join on Tuesday evenings.

Our PRESIDENT will be notified and introduce you at the following meeting.

................You're important...........
Soon, you'll be asked to take "5" before the day's speaker presentation and tell us about you and your family so we get to know you better.