Normandy US Cemetary
Normandy US Cemetary

                                      Mr. MINGE.

Mr. Speaker, I stand to honor Maj. Gen. Paul G. Rehkamp.
Recently, General Rehkamp, of Marshall, Minnesota, retired from the Army Reserve after more than 35 years of service to our country.

In 1989, General Rehkamp assumed command of the 88th Army Reserve

He chose a new motto for the command: ``The Right Place to
soldier.'' These words have followed the command ever since--and they also identify General Rehkamp's career.



HONOR FLIGHT is a recognition of American Veterans for their sacrifice and achievements by flying them to Washington, D.C to see the WWII Memorials. 

In Dale’s words,  the rewarding “Honor Flight” experience was simple:  honor our aging Veterans.   He tried to get into the Veteran Honor Flight program as Dr Coopers sponsor (an able bodied Guardian) for 2 years.  The well-organized one day trip provided a great experience to better learn the great man Dr Bob Cooper. 

Dale presented a 15 minute video (the video is also available from the web link above) promising it was  “the Censored Version” to which Dr Bob immediately stated “Thank You”. 
11/6/2013 ...Honoring our Veterans.     Denny Schulstad.......
................has been a member of Ham and Eggs for over 15 years.  During that time, he has made well over a dozen presentations from his personal experiences.  As a former 22 year member of the Minneapolis City Council, he talked about running as a Republican (and winning many elections) in an overwhelming DFL community.  As a former Aquatennial Commodore, he talked about festivals and had four Queen of the Lakes representatives.  As a retired Air Force General, he has discussed National Defense ... Air Power ... the problems with political decisions damaging our defense.  As the National President of the 60,000 member University of Minnesota Alumni Association, he shared his views about the importance of having a top quality research university in our community.  As a close friend of basketball great, George Mikan, he talked about all that George accomplished in his remarkable life in addition to being selected "Mr Basketball" of the first half of the century.  As the "deciding vote" on the Minneapolis City Council for the Metrodome and key player in the approval of the new Gopher stadium, he talked about sports stadiums and the problems with funding them.  As the Republican endorsed candidate for Lt Governor some years ago, he discussed the campaign and shared opinions about the role of money in campaigns. 
We owe our very lives to the heroes of WWII who saved our nation.  We owe our eternal gratitude to all the veterans who have served in the dozen or so wars in the 250 year history of our nation.  We must thank and honor all of them every day.  The one thing each veteran has in common with every other one ... they are all HEROES.

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