We are a breakfast club but more, .....old and new friends, wonderful speakers, elevated dialog, good humor.....
 Mike McFadden, Candidate for U. S. Senate accepting our gift 'the coveted Ham & Eggs cup'
Mike McFadden, Candidate for U. S. Senate accepting our gift "the coveted Ham & Eggs cup"
HAM & Eggs attracts members
largely from Twin Cities business and
professional communities
who meet
weekly over breakfast to enjoy an
array of interesting speakers and one
another's company.
In 1946 at the end of WWII, a
handful of young men decided to get
together weekly for breakfast and
exchange stories, the brainchild of Norm Newhall
and George Murnane, along with Stutz Maul. 

The initial idea developed into an exchange of
business and friendship within our

As the group matured, members
personal and business experiences
and outreach with informative
speakers contributed to the popularity
and sustainability of the group.
We expect all members to attend breakfast regularly and contribute to dynamics of the organization, bringing speakers and prospective members.
Join us to enjoy each others company and the stimulating interaction from the weekly talks.

Fellowship.......of old and new friends sharing breakfast and welcome conversation

Knowledge.........gained from exceptional speakers
See our menu item "Past Speakers".
Honoring our WWII Vets....
Honoring our WWII Vets....
Honor.............as our country, our flag and inspiration
See menu selection "Honoring Our Vets".
In Dale’s words,  the rewarding “Honor Flight” experience was simple:  honor our aging Veterans.   He tried to get into the Veteran Honor Flight program as Dr Coopers sponsor (an able bodied Guardian) for 2 years.  The well-organized one day trip provided a great experience to better learn the great man Dr Bob Cooper (third from the left). 
.............As a bonus you'll enjoy a few laughs along with a welcome that's as unique as the Ham'n Eggs Club itself.