All Members share responsibility to provide Speakers.
  • YOU may be the Presenter. Scan your life experiences for a topic which would be of interest to most Club members, and could be presented in up to 30 minutes.
  • Consider inviting friends or work associates whose expertise would be of general interest.
  • Consider Speakers from other organizations to which you belong.
  • Browse Breaking News in the media for topics, and contact author or editor to invite them to speak.
  • Ask fellow members for ideas.
  • Select “Past Speakers” in the menu to the left. Many of our members are new within the past 24 months, and thus may be interested in an update of a previous Presentation.
Speaker Expenses and Fees:
The club pays for the speaker's breakfast and that of their aides and guests.
The club does not allocate for speaker fees nor transportation expenses

Your responsibilities as a host to the speaker
  • Explain the beginning times and ending time to the speaker including Q and A, to end at 8:45
  • Explain how to use both the lapel mic and hand held micKnow who you should contact at the ECC if you have a problem
  • Be sure the MUG is available to the president
  • DRY RUN the setup and firsT minute or two if you plan to use the laptop and screen. Nothing worse for the speaker than fumbling around trying to do setup at the last minute.
Our Breakfast Meeting Agenda:
7:00  Fellowship
7:10  Breakfast Buffet
7:45  Opening, Announcements, Introduction of Guests
7:55  Host Member update, and Introduction of Speaker
8:00  Speaker’s  Presentation
8:30  Pause for Member departures as needed, then Q&A
8:45  Close of Meeting