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"We're glad you're here"

Our September 2nd, our 7:45  ZOOM Coffee Hour will feature "you". Without weekly gatherings at the ECC, we lose an opportunity to kibbitz and listen to what's going on in the lives of fellow members. ( defines kibbitz to mean "standing around talking and making wisecracks, and it can also mean to give someone advice and commentary when they are trying to work"...... we do that well). Members will update about their recent activities, and range freely over items of interest. It always makes for a fun, entertaining and important hour.

Last Wednesday our presenter was Roger O'Daniel who discussed the mega-power of Grid Computing.
There's no one more credible that Roger to speak on the subject of grid computing with 6 home computers that run full time in the background crunching data for BOINK. So what the heck is BOINK? ...
BOINK uses the power of millions of private pc computers running in tandum world wide to solve complex problems that once could only be handled by a super computer like Sperry Univac or Cray.
Roger's six computers are comiling data to 28 projects including a 3D project of the Milky Way. 

The best way to understand Grid Computing is to let Roger explain......
"What is Grid Computing? Basically, it is a way to connect a massive number of computers together using the Internet. It is used to solve computer based problems that require massive computer resources. Collectively, they can outperform the largest supercomputers on this planet for a limited class of projects. Concept became reality when the University of CaliforniaBerkeley campus reduced this concept to practice with an open source application “Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing” platform nicknamed BOINC". Read on.......

Ron Jensen said it right "Topic well explained with great power point support today at Ham and Eggs meeting".
Future speakers.................
09/09/2020  ZOOM Coffee Hour w/Speaker: Dr. Mark Kortepeter, Colonel (Retired) US Army and author of "Inside the Hot Zone". He will discuss his experience responding to national, international and laboratory crises,  and apply lessons learned to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Host: Richard Wisland.

09/16/2020  ZOOM Coffee Hour w/ speaker: Chris Coleman, former mayor of Saint Paul and current CEO of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Topic: "Building strong communities: Habitat for Humanity's work to help address systemic inequities in housing, protect home ownership, and create new homeownership opportunities in our region".  Host: Richard Wisland.Announcements
Both Richard and Mike Casserly said they are pleased to continue in their present positions until we return to ECC. We owe them our hearfelt thanks.
Coming to ZOOM in the near future will be "Space Trash" and what it really means to us on the ground. Roger said the International Space Station has had to change it's orbit 5 time to avoid catastrophic collisions with space junk and if we continue to accumulate orbital trash into orbit, there may come a day with no space travel. Sound interesting?
Special welcome to Barry Krelitz, past member 2014,  returned for a visit this week and we hope it will be the first of many return visits. Barry CEO of  Krelitz Industries, a Quality Assurance Pharmacist, Geritom Medical Inc.  612-384-3784    952-933-1113
Ham and Eggs needs speakers. If you have speakers or wish to discuss opportunities for speakers please contact Les Sharpe at 952.944.2568 or and go to Future Speakers on our website for open dates You arrange for the speaker and If you would like assistance introducing your speaker or having a co-host, ask Les how he can help.

If you need assistance joining our ZOOM Coffee Hour, phone Mike Casserly 612.708.9216  and he'll walk you through the process. By invitation only the morning of our presentation.
Please take a minute or two to browse our website and get to know a bit more of who we are, including the member roster with member contact information. For assistance call Darrell Bertelson.....
News In Brief by:
Darrell Bertelson



The horizon below is temporally on hold and Richard will stay intouch. Each Ham and Eggs member host is responsible for communicating the changes to their respective speakers. We hope that once we return, the speakers will again be available.

Go to the tab "Future Speakers" for more information.


Please take a minute or two to browse our website and get to know a bit more of who we are, including the member roster with phone numbers and email addresses......

News In Brief by:
Darrell Bertelson