Club Profile
Our Breakfast Meeting Agenda:
7:10 Breakfast buffet
7:45 Greetings and Announcements 
8:00 to 8:30 Speaker presentation
8:30 to 8:45 open for Q & A  
Some members leave early due to their schedules.
Member Dues include:
*Great opportunities to network and talk
*Terrific speaker programs every week 
*Invitations to semi-annual parties
*Weekly buffet breakfasts
*Dues: Currently our 2020 quarterly dues are $165.00, average $12.69 per meeting for speaker, breakfast, tax, tip and a great experience.
 Summer cabin and snowbird dues policy:
*At your option, if you will be out of the Minneapolis / St Paul area at your winter/ summer residence for at least one month during the quarter the dues are $85.00.  The member who misses at least one month pays approximately 2/3rd of regular dues.
 Members introducing speakers:
*Please check with speaker as to AV needs. The member can contact Cindy at ECC and ask for a laptop projector.  projector adapters  or whatever is needed. Her # is.: 952-927-7151. Email is:
*Obtain and submit a summary of your speaker's presentation to the News Letter Editor by Friday following the meeting.
 President:—responsible for: 
*The 6-month president’s term begins on January 1st & July 1st, *Other transitions occur individually, as desired. It is the responsibility each officer to find and bring the incoming officer up to speed.
*Chair weekly meetings. 
*Greet the speaker. 
*Encourage the host member introducing his/her speaker, uses 3-4 minutes to update others on what’s been happening in his/her life.
*Arrive early to assemble the necessary items on the greeting table. 
*Put away the items after the meeting. 
*Plan the semi-annual party.
*Create an e-mail invitation for the party and send as necessary.
*All club financial information
*Paying of bills and collecting of dues,
*Keeping the club solvent 
*Coordinating an audit by another club member once a year
 Website Manager: 
*Maintain Website 
*Print name badges.
*Update the 4 page club handout as needed 
*Maintain contact list along with member photo. 
*Send e-mail announcing new applicants to membership at large.
 Speaker Co-ordinator: 
*Responsible for weekly programs, 
*Book eight weeks out if possible
*Strengthen club membership by ensuring a variety of speaker topics.
*Print Table Tent Cards each week and place at each table
 News Letter Editor:
*Prepare & e-mail the weekly presentation summary to all club members. Include the name of the following week's speaker.