Meeting Profile and Key Member Duties:
Our Virtual Meeting Agenda:
7:45 Log in on Zoom
8:00 Greetings and Announcements 
8:10 to 8:40 Speaker presentation
8:40 to 9:00 open for Q & A  
Some members leave early due to their schedules.
Member Dues include:
During the current Covid Pandemic while our meetings are being held in a virtual mode, members are not being charged dues. Dues will resume when we return to breakfast meetings at Edina Country Club or other facility. Before we were forced to move to virtual meetings, our quarterly dues were $165.00. Upon resumption, dues will be set based on the cost of breakfast.
 Members introducing speakers:
*Please check with Mike Casserly to ensure that your guest speaker is familiarized with the Zoom platform and can properly utilize videos, slides or other presentation materials they may want to use.
 President:—responsible for: 
*The 6-month president’s term begins on January 1st & July 1st, *Other transitions occur individually, as desired. It is the responsibility each officer to find and bring the incoming officer up to speed.
*Chair weekly meetings. 
*Greet the speaker. 
*Encourage the host member introducing his/her speaker, uses 3-4 minutes to update others on what’s been happening in his/her life.
*Arrive early to assemble the necessary items on the greeting table. 
*Put away the items after the meeting. 
*Plan the semi-annual party.
*Create an e-mail invitation for the party and send as necessary.
*All club financial information
*Paying of bills and collecting of dues,
*Keeping the club solvent 
*Coordinating an audit by another club member once a year
 Website Manager: 
*Maintain Website 
*Print name badges.
*Update the 4 page club handout as needed 
*Maintain contact list along with member photo. 
*Send e-mail announcing new applicants to membership at large.
 Speaker Co-ordinator: 
*Responsible for weekly programs, 
*Book eight weeks out if possible
*Strengthen club membership by ensuring a variety of speaker topics.
*Print Table Tent Cards each week and place at each table
 News Letter Editor:
*Prepare & e-mail the weekly presentation summary to all club members. Include the name of the following week's speaker.