Mike McFadden, Candidate for U. S. Senate accepting our gift 'the coveted Ham & Eggs cup'
Mike McFadden, Candidate for U. S. Senate accepting our gift "the coveted Ham & Eggs cup"
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Honoring our WWII Vets....
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In Dale’s words,  the rewarding “Honor Flight” experience was simple:  honor our aging Veterans.   He tried to get into the Veteran Honor Flight program as Dr Coopers sponsor (an able bodied Guardian) for 2 years.  The well-organized one day trip provided a great experience to better learn the great man Dr Bob Cooper (third from the left). 
.............As a bonus you'll enjoy a few laughs along with a welcome that's as unique as the Ham'n Eggs Club itself.
Joe Hobot
Sep 12, 2018

Joe Hobot, Ed. D, President and CEO of American Indian OIC: “The Urban Indian Population 101”Host: Gene Hoff
Upcoming Events
09/19/2018  Kurt Daudt, Speaker of MN House of Representatives.  Host: Gene Hoff
09/26/2018  Heather Edelson, DFL Endorsed Candidate for District 50AHost: Dale Borgeson
10/03/2018  Geza Simon MD, Hungarians Escapee Immigrant, Retired Physician and Volunteer:  “Yes, here Was Once an Iron Curtain”.  Host: Cliff Erickson
Dan Biersdorf -  Good morning everybody.  Filling in for Matt today as he’s on a road trip visiting West Virginia, New York, etc. 
Dan Beirsdorf911 has changed events around the world - Let’s take a moment of silence to reflect. 
Guests Today
Ivy Estenson attended with Guest Speaker Joe Hobot
Wake Up Ritual
Victor Kirsch  There are so many economists in world today -  if we laid em them end to end....  well, it’d be a good thing.  Then after additional humors, Victor provided members with his always enthusiastic:  “Glad You’re Here!” 
Introduction & Speaker
Amy Koch filling for host Gene Hoff opened:  Glad to be back!  Amy then provided an impressive background of today’s guest speaker, Joe Hobot, President and CEO of American Indian OIC. 

Joe Hobot opened with continued overview of extensive back ground including heritage as descendant of Hunkpapa Band of Lokota Nation.  Today’s talk is titled: “Urban American Indians”

Brief statements heard: 
-11 tribes are recognized in MN today.

-With economic disparities existing for all Indians across country and no coordinated government resources, an early effort was made by US government to recognize those tribal communities that would conform. 
-That plan (above) only sorta worked as over dependency of government resources, etc, caused initiatives to stagnate.  A termination policy began in 1953.

-Then, a new effort was made to move Indian populations to where the economy was best.  This concept often relocated Indians long distances.   Indians initially took advantage of because of extreme poverty.  Unfortunately, when got off bus found selves in a foreign environment. 

-Now, Indian population centers in urban cities developed with both lack of skill sets & contact with native background.  The problems existing previously continued....

-Minneapolis has the largest population of urban Indians in the US.

-The 11 tribes recognized today are actually comprised of 39 tribes mixed together in urban population as consolidation had wide reach.  Los Angeles, San Francisco & San Antonio also have large urban Indian populations.

-OIC of America (Opportunities Industrialization Center) was started with goal similar to what we have in TC, help while maintaining cultural perspective.  (Search ‘American Indian OIC’ or check out unsecured link:  aioic.org)

Here Joe Hobot stated: I’ve just put 70 years of history into 5 minutes.   Questions?
Q – How are you financed?
A – We’re non-profit, mixed bag of government contracts, donors, etc.  The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux community contributes much. 
Q – How many total tribes could there be in MN and how determine if a member?
A – There are about 512 tribes in North America.  The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Mystic Lake) band eliminates ‘hostiles’ and maintains sovereignty by allowing selves to accept or reject members.  Following the 1981 Federal Gaming Act, tribal selections further reduced that population.  
Q – What is relationship between Tribe & Nation?
A – Federal government courts determine what sovereign power Tribes and Nation have.
Q – How fluent are you in Lakota?
A – Am far more fluent in Viking language!  (much laughter)
Q – How much gaming money is given away?
Here Club Member Commented:   $21M was given to the stadium by Mdewakanton Sioux.  They are very generous in the community. 
Q – How many schools does OIC have?
A – With 4 Programs & 20 Services:  We have a Mpls Public School, 2nd a GED (with cultural emphasis) program & career training, 3rd an accredited post-secondary school (career focused without cultural emphasis) and 4th Employment Services.
Q – Does Blood Quantum exist forever? 
A – Blood Quantum was a predominant method of determining Tribal acceptance – but, we don’t always marry our own.  It would be suicidal to continue Blood Quantum.  Now, lineage and cultural practice is increasingly important.  For those tribes with lucrative casinos, decisions get difficult. 
Q – Of 11 Tribes in MN, which are dominant?
A – Predominately Ojibwa with many Dakotas.  Notice they switch the ‘D’s and ‘L’s in language.  That occurred geographically.  Tribes were pushed around a lot. 
Q – What are numbers on education?
A – 15 GED grads/yr, HS with only 45 Students has 10 graduates/yr (systemic failure, but improving)
Q – School dropouts –why?
A – Huge Q - what in Public Ed is not working.  Partial answer is detachment of culture and perverted feelings of being unwelcome.  Students exit to their determent.
Q – Land reclamation?
A – Not doing anything regarding land.  Our primary efforts centers around education. 
Joe Hobot’s superb presentation concluded with much applause.

Ron Jensen