All Members share responsibility to provide Speakers.
  • YOU may be the Presenter. Scan your life experiences for a topic which would be of interest to most Club members, and could be presented in up to 30 minutes.
  • Consider inviting friends or work associates whose expertise would be of general interest.
  • Consider Speakers from other organizations to which you belong.
  • Browse Breaking News in the media for topics, and contact author or editor to invite them to speak.
  • Ask fellow members for ideas.
  • Select “Past Speakers” in the menu to the left. Many of our members are new within the past 24 months, and thus may be interested in an update of a previous Presentation.
Speaker Expenses and Fees:
The club pays for the speaker's breakfast and that of their aides and guests.
The club does not allocate for speaker fees nor transportation expenses

Scheduling Procedure
  • Identify a Speaker whose topic would be of interest to the members, and suitable for a 20-30 minute Presentation.
  • Consult the Website to identify an unscheduled date which is agreeable to your Speaker.
  • Ask Speaker to plan for Presentation plus Q&A to last 30 minutes. Any request for a longer meeting must be pre-approved by the President and ECC.
  • CLICK HERE...Then just compose your text message and send.
Our Breakfast Meeting Agenda:
7:00  Fellowship
7:10  Breakfast Buffet
7:45  Opening, Announcements, Introduction of Guests
7:55  Host Member update, and Introduction of Speaker
8:00  Speaker’s  Presentation
8:30  Pause for Member departures as needed, then Q&A
8:45  Close of Meeting