Selected Speakers and Presentations Since 2011....
Dave Newhall: Nat'l Cemetery 
Lee Radik: "Rock Light House Keeper" 
Mark Stageberg: “The World’s Largest Sawmill”.
Carl Baer: History of Honor and Robert E. Lee, Man     of Honor.
James Eli Shiffer: "The King of Skid Row".

Eric Kaler, President, U of M: “Why our education system is backasswards”.
Lakeville Police Deputy: “Police in the School?”.
Mike McFaddeen: Charter School experience at Christo Rey and Tesfa International High Schools.

"From Russia with Law" E. Sherayzen.
Experience as a trial lawyer, Mark Stageberg.
David Lillehaug,  MN Supreme Court Justice.
Lori S Gildea, Mn Supreme Ct Chief Justice.
Paul Anderson, Minn Supreme Court Justice.
Alan Page, MN Supreme Court Justice.
Denny Hecker Case, J. Ferris, MN Hwy. Patrol.

Chief Justice John Tunheim, Federal Court: "A View from the Bench".

"US Constitution, What were founders thinking?"
Dave Durenberger, Former US Senator.
Marty Seifert, Former State Legislator.
R. Stanek, Hennepin Cty. Sheriff: "Guns & Mental Illness".
Tom Gillaspy, former Mn State Demographer.
Center of American Experiment//M Pearlstein, Pres.
Commissioner Mike Rothman,  MN Commerce.
Jim Hovland, Edina Mayor: "Land use in Edina".
Edina Police Lieutenant Brian Tholen: Current issues in Edina Policing, including pursuits, gradient of force application, and dealing with mental illness.
Brian Rycks, Chairman of MSP Metro Airports Commission: "Connecting You to Your World".
Congressman Tom Emmer: "News from the Capitol".
John Hoffman, MN State Senator and Minority Whip: "Governance in MN".

International Issues
Rudy Boschwitz, “Magnificent America”.
"Journey To Freedom", Peter Vodenka.
Capt.J. Meszaros, Intel. Officer, Afghanistan.
"Overpopulation is Solvable", David Paxon.
John Radsan, President Nat'l Security Forum: IRAN.
Jarret Brachman, "Future of Global Terrorism".
Cliff VanLeuven, Transportation Safety Admin.
Ed Cunnington,  “Cuba, what has changed?”
J Brachman, “Between Iraq & a Hard Place”.

Political Interference Damaging National Defense.
Rear Admiral Ray Witter, “Future of Naval Warfare”.
The US Marine Corps Birthday, Bob Lewis.
Dec 7, 1941 ”A Day That Will Live In Infamy”.
Searching lost WWII Aircraft in New Guinea.
“Leadership in Crisis”  Maj. Gen. R. Shadley.
"Run Silent, Run Deep?"  Joel J. Phillippi.
“Honoring our Veterans”, Denny Schulstad.

Tom Horner, “Where Partisan Politics Block Bipartisan”.
Erik Paulsen, US Congressman.
Tom Horner, Ind. party gubernatorial candidate.
Amy Klobuchar, US Senator, Minnesota.
Kurt Zellers, Rep. gubernatorial candidate.
Todd Rapp, Political Analyst for MPR.
David Hann, Minnesota Minority Leader.
Julianne Ortman, MN Senator.
Tom Emmer, “US Congressman, MN 6th District.
Mike McFadden, Candidate for U. S. Senate.
David Schultz: "Understanding the 2016 Election".
Melisa Franzen, MN State Senator: Update on MN Politics and the State Senate Session.
Terri Bonoff, Democratic candidate for US Congress.

Entrepreneurship with honor, Barry Krelitz.
SCORE, Helping Small Businesses Succeed.
John Cherry, CEO, PolyMet Mining.
Unlocking Equity in Closely Held Business .
Bill Lentsch, VP President, MN Op Delta Air:
"God, Family, Country and the Corporation".

Computer Age
Computer Forensic Analysis.
Internet Neutrality: Speakers Pro and Con.
Thomas Fisher, former Dean of UMN College of Design: "The On-Demand City".

Phil Dow, Director of Research at RBC. 
Estate Planning; Nancy Bender-Kelner, Atty.

Dr. Frederick Strobl: Inventor, eng, neurologist.
Dr. John Najarian, Transplant Surgeon.
Planning for Transitions: Health Care Crisis.
Deepa McGriff: "Medical Cannabis in Minnesota".
Karina A. Forrest-Perkins: Addiction and Mental Health Trends in Minnesota.
Jeffrey Remakel DDS: "Sleep Apnea and Snoring - How a Quiet Night's Sleep can Save Your Life".
Jon Pryor MD, U of MN Professor, Urology Department Chairman, and CEO of HCMC.

Enbridge, Mn. Pipeline Expansion.
Anthropogenic Global Warming, R. Svendsen≥
Mark Seeley, MPR, Evidence for Climate Change.

Russian Museum, Curator Masha Zanialova.
Janet Beihoffer, “American Culture DNA”.
Tony Ross, Principal Cellist, Minn Orchestra.
Nathan Soland, Dir Hennepin Theater Trust.
“Christmas and Folk Traditions in Norway”.
Hennepin Theater Trust Season Preview, and Vocal Arttist Performance.
Sam Bergman, MSO Violist: "A Walk With a Renaissance Man of Music".

General Interest
David Nimmer, formerly with WCCO.
America: What if Family Fragmentation Continues?
Honorable Mary Pawlenty.
Tony Palumbo, Anoka Co. Atty. “Elder Abuse”.
Cindy Brucato, former KSTP News Anchor.
Randy Young. Director, Union Gospel Mission.
Julie Nelson, KARE 11 Newswoman: "News and Journalism".

Chad Greenway, Minnesota Vikings linebacker, "Football and Beyond".
Tubby Smith, U of  M Basketball Coach.
Patrick Reusse, Sports Personality.
Mike Veeck,  Owner Saint Paul Saints.
Bud Grant, former  Minnesota Vikings coach. 
Denny Schulstad: "George Mikan - The Original Mister Basketball".
John Anderson, Head Baseball Coach, Univ. of MN.
Andrea Mokros: "The Bold North - Minnesota Super Bowl LII".
Mark Coyle, Athletic Director, Univ. of MN.

Mark Dienhart Ph.D., former U of MN Athletic Director, former Senior VP with University of St. Thomas, College Coach and Athlete.