John Fraser (left) & Kevin Peterson, MD 
Dec 5, 2018

John Fraser, CEO of Inc:  “Meet Merlin, an AI Software Engine Built to Help Diagnose, Treat and Cure Human Disease”  Host: Dick Swenson
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12/12/2018  John Hinderacker, President, Center of the American Experiment:  “The State of Minnesota’s Economy and The Road to Prosperity!”  Host: George Mueller

12/19/2018  Ardelle Mills, Homemaker, Mother, Athlete: "Competing at the National Level in Two Sports, Archery and Speed Skating, Long Before Title IX".  Host: Cliff Erickson. 

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Guest Today
Sage Kelner guest of Barry Kelner
New Member
New Member Mike Casey introduced by Victor Kirsch.   Welcome Mike - gonna  have a great time- Promise!   
Wake Up Ritual
Victor Kirsch started with rendition of:  “Alaska Earthquake, tectonic plates moving - who’s at fault anyway?  San Andreas, of course!”  Then, still laughing, on with “FBI Disguise”, “Took Taxi Home”, & “Harley bike rider, wonder what wife would think” humors before long famous: “Why Are We Here?–THEN Answering Self – BECAUSE....”
Thank you Victor! 
Introduction & Speaker
Dick Swenson, hosting today’s speaker, introduced John Fraser, cofounder of new center.
John Fraser, began simply stating what doing today with 3rd startup.  Last one sold for 1.2 Billion.  Before, sold one of largest Billing Centers in US.  Now, new venture is a diagnosis and treatment company.  So far, just a couple years old.  Focus is to build a ‘brain’ to diagnose and treat patients. 
Presentation captures, frequently switching between John Fraser and support Dr Kevin Peterson, of well-orchestrated presentation follow: 
-MERLIN is our concepts’ brain. It runs on Google Cloud.

-EYEBOT is our device in testing to reduce blindness.  EYEBOT is connected to MERLIN, industry leader in Artificial Intelligence.

-Need for diagnosis – 1/3 born today have or will have diabetes.  Need eyes scanned.

-If detect retina issues, can keep ½ with problems from going blind. Today, test is expensive.

-Need something Quick & Fast.   Passing around a device that captures image of eye.   (Please don’t drop!)

--Automated imagery (with MERLIN AI reads & reports to Nurse or Doctor in 3-4 seconds)  Results: enabling eye problem detection early.
(Repeatedly switching microphone, presenters continue...)
-product (still in development) can do globally with technology available at very low cost.

-Scanner product could be sold, not to patients, but schools, etc.

-Devices will get smarter over time with machine learning.

-EYEBOT is the scanner.  Takes 8 pictures of eye within 1 second (no need to dilate the eye)

-Additional products in development – detecting signs of disease and alerting medical staff.

-Customer Opportunities Slide with discussion presented– involved Retailers & Partners.

-Revenue model presented.

-Scanning Device cost, Overall Pricing, Total Addressable Market with Profit of perhaps $1 to-$5 per scan projected.  Much revenue capability.
Here, an aggressive club membership Q&A session broke out...
Q –How prevent False Positives & False Negatives?  
A –You’re asking liability issues.  We can tell abnormal eye quite quickly.  We then refer to physician to further read/interpret scan.  Tool will get smarter & smarter with flagged results being returned from Doctor.
Q– Is blindness a result of Diabetes 1 or Diabetes 2?
A –Both cause same types of problems.
Q–(club Irishman begins wistful Query)  In world of cyber everything –Good Guys & Bad Guys –How vulnerable to becoming a Weapon of Mass Destruction?  
A –Used to work in advanced torpedo lab at Honeywell. Yes, hope MERLIN will be used to diagnose people.  Will AI help the world long term? We don’t know.
Q –How relate to WATSON?
A –We see WATSON as a tool. Don’t see need to use WATSON.
Q–You going to replace Doctors?  Make them loose revenue?  You sense Dr pushback?
A –No.  Have 10 physicians working on machine now. Don’t see competition with or replacement of Doctors. 
Q –Is MERLIN a juicy hackable target?
A –Dr collects info.  MERLIN only provides opinion. Minimal data kept. All data given to Dr.
Q –Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, etc –Can you detect early symptoms?
A –Have potential for corrective suggestions of other diagnoses.  Today, diabetic’s symptoms are 1st target. 
Q/Comment- Re preventative maintenance, we want Dr to have best tools.   
A –Think everybody wats that.  Want Dr to have most/best tools possible.
Q–Stock Options?
A –Thank You – Next Slide!  25cents/share common stock – limited time. Going public on Canadian Security Exchange. 
Q–Cost using MERLIN?
A–From technical side, cost is minimal ~$2K/mo to Google - very cost effective back end with amazing scalability. And yes, MERLIN is proprietary and will have multiple patents licensed thru U of M. 
Q–When going to market?
A–~6 mo.  Licensing, testing, FDA steps in progress.
Q-  FDA classification of AI engine bigger than FDA approval.
A - Have precedent of fast tracking.  Actually, not clear need any FDA approval for Class 1 device.  We’re totally non invasive “just taking a picture”.
Q–Why name MERLIN?
A –MERLIN was a wizard!   Goal was to build a wizard – a wizard of all wizards...
Much Applause for another phenomenal informative Ham & Eggs Club membership meeting.    (iClub n existence since 1946)
Thank you  Dale Borgeson & Darrell Bertelson  for photos - avalable in weekly Newsletter email distributions. 

Ron Jensen


Linda Lorentzen

Nov 28, 2018

Linda Lorentzen Chief Strategy Officer, Alzheimer’s Assn. MN/ND.  “Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body”  Host: Darrell Bertelson
Upcoming Events
12/05/2018  John Fraser, CEO of Inc:  “Meet Merlin, an AI Software Engine Built to Help Diagnose, Treat and Cure Human Disease”  Host: Dick Swenson

12/12/2018  John Hinderacker, President, Center of the American Experiment:  “The State of Minnesota’s Economy and The Road to Prosperity!”  Host: George Mueller

12/19/2018  Ardelle Mills, Homemaker, Mother, Athlete: "Competing at the National Level in Two Sports, Archery and Speed Skating, Long Before Title IX".  Host: Cliff Erickson. 
Matt Biersdorf  Everyone, We’re gonna start!  (Geeze, gotta love those verbose openings)
Todays Distinguished Guests
Barb Bertelson guest of Darrell Bertelson
Sue Larsen guest of Sam Larsen
Mike Casey guest of Victor Kirsch
Matt Biersdorf – Winter Party: Sat Dec 15, Noon. Email Forwarded. $30/Each Attending.
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Mark Stageberg Forgot photo last week re ‘Product Liability’ on Colmen’s corrective warning for all products.  Awkward wording:  “40 sq inches of fresh air required” Passing pic around.
Ron Hasselmann – Lake Wobgon Brass Band Christmas Concerts
Sat, 12/1/2018 -7:00 PM
Eden Prairie United Methodist Church
Fri, 12/7/2018 -7:30 PM
Colonial Church of Edina
Wake Up Ritual
Victor Kirsch – Those placing Christmas lights in yards, please avoid anything with Red or Blue flashing.  Every time I see, think it's police and have panic attack. I brake hard, toss tequila, fasten seat belt, throw phone on floor, turn radio down, and push gun under seat.  All while trying to put clothes back on!   Then Victor’s, “Why we’re here!”
Introduction & Speaker
Darrell Bertelson hosted and provided fine introduction for today’s speaker – Linda Lorentzen.
Linda Lorentzen  Thank you Darrell.  Then asked - how can anyone follow Victor?  (Voice from back bellers, sounded little like Victor himself, “just forget what he said”) –Linda, then continuing, Thank you for allowing me to be here. 
Pieces of today’s terrific presentation follow: 
-Reasons for memory problems and strategies to help are today’s topic.  Health and exercise, Diet and Nutrition, Cognitive activity & Social engagements will be discussed.
-Aging & Health – Much can be predicted by Genes and Diseases (beyond our control) yet Life Style (in our control).
-No matter what age, can adopt standards to help.
-Dementia and Alzheimer’s caused by many diseases and conditions.  Are no known ways to prevent Alzheimer’s, but known ways to reduce risks & have therapies.
-At age 65, 1 in 10 have Dementia.  At age 85, 1 in 3 have Dementia.
-4 aspects of memory loss:
Cognitive Activity
Physical Health & Exercise
Social Engagement
-Much research associated, but if chose 1 above – Exercise!  Saying, no specific recipe.
-Blood Pressure of 120 or less show 1/3 less likely to get dementia. Numerous additional statics given. 
Linda ended presentation with ‘What Can Do Now’. 
Presentation Outline & Brochures provided to all attending:  Association Statement:
“The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research.  Our mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.”
“Our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s disease”
Comment – Crazy things in this research – If recommendations on health true, would you call my wife?  Much Laughter!  (AND - no member will  tell who made this comment) 
A– Always learning something new - a good thing.  
Q – Internet fraud topic?
A – If you find something too good to be true, probably false.  Check with your doctor. 
Q –Talk about financial cost.  
A –94,000 in MN have Alzheimer’s.  Saying, only ½ diagnosed and ½ of that have not yet been disclosed. Many robbed of ability to make decisions. Finances are huge issue.  Medicare does not pay for skilled nursing, yet access to support is critical.  This is a tuff one.     
Comment – Re exercise, put STEPS (application) on phone.  A lot of fun.
A – Never heard of.  Thank you.
Q -  Is increase in numbers result of increasing disease or more diagnosis?
A - 5.7 million in US have Alzheimer’s.  Greatest cause is age.  Baby boomers are reaching critical age.  Multiple reasons. 
Q – Concern – Is Alzheimer’s being over diagnosed? 
A - I’d say no.  Physicians often say “Just aging & is normal” to family...
Q – Would you outline procedure for diagnosis?
A – “Diagnosis of Exclusions” performed.  No specific bio markers.  Family members should write down changes of observed and bring to doctor.
Q – Statistics on heredity?
A – Higher risk if Parent or Siblings have.  Movie “Still Alice” involved a gene - then 100% chance.
Q – Any work to educate those ‘still with it’ on how to communicate with those with early Alzheimer’s?
A – Yes, training available.  (example: On meeting, one might say: “Hi I’m Ron, friend of Darrell”, to afflicted.)
Q – How does long term care insurance fit if have Alzheimer’s but otherwise healthy?
A – Not expert, but financial planner advised get testing at 60 years – or younger – for qualifying plan.   
Huge appreciation applause to Linda Lorentzen for terrific informative presentation.  
Thank you photography - Dale Borgeson & Darrell Bertelson (included in weekly Newsletter distributions) 

Ron Jensen


Mark Stageberg

Nov 21, 2018
Mark Stageberg, Attorney and Ham and Eggs Member,
“Carbon Monoxide Deaths – Chasing the Coleman Company”

Upcoming Events
11/28/2018  Linda Lorentzen Chief Strategy Officer, Alzheimer’s Assn. MN/ND.  “Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body”  Host: Darrell Bertelson

12/05/2018  John Fraser, CEO of Inc:  “Meet Merlin, an AI Software Engine Built to Help Diagnose, Treat and Cure Human Disease”  Host: Dick Swenson

12/12/2018  John Hinderacker, President, Center of the American Experiment:  “The State of Minnesota’s Economy and The Road to Prosperity!”  Host: George Mueller
Matt Biersdorf  Hello Everyone – gonna get started.  Thanks to my Dad for covering for me last week.
Distinguished Guests
Robt E. Eugberg guest of Mark Stageberg
David Peterson guest of Mark Stageberg
Linda Coffey guest of Mark Stageberg
Roger Stageberg guest of Mark Stageberg
Tom Ries guest of Mark Stageberg
Erick Ries guest of Mark Stageberg
Eli Schechter guest of Herb Schechter
Matt Biersdorf – Reminder - Winter Party: Sat Dec 15, Noon.  More details later.
Matt Biersdorf  - Notice – No Meeting Wed Dec 26 - day after Christmas 
Matt Biersdorf  - Uncertain meeting the day after New Year’s Day - will figure out.
Darrell Bertelson – Found Auto Key Fob with name ‘Charlie’.  Looking for owner.  Also, Darrell put in pitch for guest and Speaker next week.
Wake Up Rituals
Cliff Erickson – Today’s a club anniversary of sorts.  Was several years ago we showed up and found Club House dark and empty.  We went to Perkins.  Cliff then, Poet Laurette, read poetic verse of modified meeting that day titled:  “The Day Before Turkey

Victor Kirsch – In breakfast line overheard fella (from other club) mention wife just had twins, boy and girl.  Then said, don’t ask if identical.  Next, following a Dr Cold Hands humor story of newly weds leaving the ceremony:  The buggy horse stopped and backed up, new husband said “That’s Once”, Shortly later, horse stopped and backed up again, new husband said “That’s Twice”   Shortly later horse stopped and backed up third time, husband climbed off buggy and shot the horse!  Mortified, the new wife asked: “Why do that?” to reply “That’s Once...”  Then Victor’s famous: “Why we’re here!”
Today’s Member Speaker – Mark Stageberg
First a joke (trying to not let Victor outdo?)   Driving on Chappaquiddick Island, Mary Jo Kapechne says to Senator: Teddy, I think I’m pregnant.  Ted returns, don’t worry, we’ll cross that bridge when get to it.
First, brief bio.  Grew up in Orr MN.  Career as Trial Lawyer, (Defense 1st, then Plaintiff’s 2nd).  Participated in ~175 jury trials.  Put into book – lately giving away as cleaning garage!  Brought some in this AM.  Good for youth considering legal career.

Fragments of ‘another’ Mark Stageberg outstanding presentation follow:
-Today, Coleman Co is topic.  Much work pursuing multiple death cases against.  They’re not a nice company - Killed over 100 people with their heaters.
-Product liability – 3 areas can pursue:  Manufactured Wrong, Designed Wrong & No Appropriate Warnings
-With longtime associate, Bob Eugberg, present to assist this AM, Mark told story of legal action involving death requiring Bob Eugberg’s expertise. Traveling to trash haulers convention in Chicago, learned competing companies had designs and controls that would have prevented their clients death. 
-Coleman Company cases go back to XMas 1996. -Ice fishing like hut with Focus 15 propane heater story.  That 1st usage left 1 dead and another with serious brain injury from the radiant heater. Many design issues with Coleman Radiant heater series.
-Mark & Team performed Carbon Monoxide testing on heaters in enclosed areas.  Results:  Carbon Monoxide UP, Oxygen DOWN.
-Coleman Company lawyers ridiculed Marks cardboard box testing.  So, Mark & Team built Fish House like chamber, same size as Coleman’s Test chamber.  With Bob Eugberg and 3 specialized Dr’s on Test Team, results verified similar: Carbon Monoxide UP, Oxygen DOWN.
-With numerous information collections & court cases won, Mark became National legal expert on Carbon Monoxide, especially against Coleman Co.
-Mark then sued by Coleman.
-Coleman, during testing, used other companies products, Mr Heater & Primus.
-Here, Mark described other companies products with ‘flame out’ safety devices (involving thermocouples in designs). When oxygen declines, thermocouple cools and causes a ‘flame out’.  ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) works.
-Learned - Coleman advisors early argued for better product warnings, but Coleman Marketing advised against.
-Mark told ‘Black Folder’ trial story.  Involved lengthy transfer of black folders from packaging to trial table – inview of all.  Later, to trial, disclosed each folder included individual Coleman monoxide death data from law enforcement & doctors.  
-Coleman Co had ‘zero compassion’ – had to work for each settlement. Their argument, ”everyone knows about Carbon Monoxide”.  Then presented recent case where two Sheriff Deputies died.  Marks argument: they were not dumb people.
-Coleman Lantern story. Similar involvement but individuals tampered with product.  That argument wasn’t successful. 
--2002 Coleman re labeled product as Industrial Heaters rather than Camper Heaters.  Now, with new identifier, people started dying faster than ever.
-2006 Coleman took product off market.
-Subsequent letters sent to ‘Consumer Product Safety Commission’ attempting Coleman’s recall of offending products failed.  Although voluntary recall proven to work, CPSC didn’t do anything.  Today with ~100 deaths, there remain perhaps a million Coleman faulty heaters in consumer’s garages. 
Comment - (partial heard)  “A corporation has no soul’.
A– The ODS works
Comment - (partial heard)  On devices used outside...Carbon Monoxides heavy.,
A –Yes 
Q – (unheard)
A – Coleman got really sick of all lawsuits, still made an economic decision & decided cheaper to fight lawsuits than recall - contrary to corporate image. 
Q –At some point  could of become a criminal case?
A –Not by Class Action suit.   
Q –White gas(oline) same as propane?
A – No.  Kerosene heaters killed clients research found.  But no Carbon Monoxide involved. It’s the propane products that we claimed BAD.  
Huge appreciation to member Mark Stageberg and associates attending for terrific presentation.  
Thank you for photography - Dale Borgeson & Darrell Bertelson (included with Newsletter emailings to members)
Ron Jensen



Sean Lanterman

Nov 14, 2018

Sean Lanterman, Lawyer Specializing in Computer Forensics.  Host:  Terry Bonertz
Upcoming Events
11/21/2018  Mark Stageberg, Attorney and Ham and Eggs Member, “Carbon Monoxide Deaths – Chasing the Coleman Company”

11/28/2018  Linda Lorentzen Chief Strategy Officer, Alzheimer’s Assn. MN/ND.  “Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body”  Host: Darrell Bertelson

12/05/2018  John Fraser:  “Medical Diagnosis Assisted by Artificial Intelligence”  Host: Dick Swenson
Dan Biersdorf  Good Morning Everyone.  Matt has the bug this AM so you’re stuck with me.  
Distinguished Guests
John Temple guest of Paul Rehkamp
John King guest of Darrell Bertelson
Davey Newhall guest of David Newhall
Dan Biersdorf – Reminder - Winter Party will be Sat Dec 15, Noon.  More details later.
Dan Biersdorf  - Notice – will be No Meeting the day after Christmas 
Roger O’Daniel  - Update on MPR interview of 6 veterans 2 weeks ago, a decision was made to air only 1 interview.  Anyone wanting URL please contact me.
Club Humorist Henry Pryor suffered an accident and will not be attending for a short period.  All wish Henry a quick recovery. 
Wake Up Ritual
Victor Kirsch  The Wall Street Journal announced there will be no nativity scene in Washington DC this year.  They couldn’t find a virgin, much less 3 wise men!  Then, “Why we’re here!”
Introduction & Speaker
Terry Bonertz introduced today’s speaker Sean Lanterman, Director of Incident Response at Computer Forensic Services in Minnetonka with presentation titled: "The Easiest Catch: Don't Be Another Fish in the Dark Net”
Sean Lanterman – Been here before, covered Block Chain technology – you folks had some awesome questions.  Glad to be back. Our work is the processing of digital evidence, we work with many law enforcement agencies. With very short amount of time, going to jump right in. 
Fragments of Highlights Heard Follow:
-Phishing – if I tried to hack you, this is the 1st technique I would try.  Also quick review of ‘Compromising a Telsa’, ‘Dark Web’ ‘Doxxing’ (sale of info on internet), & Practical Tips.   
-First, a personal viewing at recent international well regarded security conference:  At conference viewed an opened (running) unattended laptop with Username and PW taped to cover.
-“Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”  Charlie Calvin –discussed.

-Phishing and Spoofing –Over 8 of 10 hacks involve user cooperation via email:  “Big Problem Identified, then, Click Here To Fix”.  Problem Fix involves changing Password immediately.  (An actual Phishing slide shown where Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager was offered opportunity.)
-Companies receive scam offers often.  A $52M (successful) scam story told.
-Advice –“Slow Down”.  Pick up phone and call before clicking on link – especially for stuff from banks, etc. 
-A Tesla 3 hack story (Sean actually performed ‘with permission’) using only cell phone.  Background:  Tesla 3 manufacturing stated ‘Impossible to Hack’.  To a hacker, this was a challenge!   Sean admitted, couldn’t do it with Tesla own software application.  However 3rd party software converted Tesla to enabling format.  Hack included:  “unlock, remote start, access to owners Tesla account PW, start/stop charging, flash lights, open/close sun roof, put in gear and Drive! etc.   Problem: Tesla didn’t protect API enabling translation of their App.   Sean then stated “was difficult to analyze the Tesla hack, even with assistance from Tesla.
-DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) taking down websites discussed.
-Computers we carry in pockets today are more powerful than those that took us to the moon.  Also, they are a trove of information (evidence)
-Credit Skimming at gasoline pump story told.  (Skimming takes info from credit cards, some even with chips involved).  Story included operation where skimmers (here referring to naughty people) then used Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer data to laptop in car (avoiding station camera recordings).  It was suspect’s cell phones with GPS travel records that enabled law enforcement to identify.    
-Deep Web (aka: Dark Web) – We use perhaps 18% of internet, the other 82% usage is considered ‘Dark Web’ usage.  Dark Web is a marketplace where you can buy & sell anything.  Sean then opened several ‘real time’ examples and displayed on screen.  The first was of site ‘Forge Master’ via Dept of State where user (providing self photo) could print a pseudo functional Passport.   (Sean restated – what your viewing is real time and operational). 
-Continuing, showing Dark Web contents, Sean opened site offering drugs for sale.  Typical advertising “Best Products with Best Prices”  “Earn 5% savings...” etc. heroin and other desired available.  Sean repeated, this is not a pre prepared screen photo, this is live.
-Dark Web drug dealers sometimes stoop to maliciously anonymously send packages of unlawful narcotics to competing dealers doorsteps – then notify enforcement.  
-Rules of Thumb
-Consider using a VPN
-Do Not use public Wi-Fi
-Two-Factor authentication
-Be aware of Plishing Scams
Q – What’s a retrovirus? 
A– Not familiar with term.
Member - Seemingly knowing Answer: “a virus that attacks other viruses”
Scribe - (curious during this write-up) By Vangie Beal Based on the biological term retrovirus, a computer retrovirus is one that actively seeks out an antivirus program on a computer system and attacks it. A retrovirus will attempt to disable and infect the antivirus software in order to avoid detection in the computer system.
Q –Everyone uses Google.  With little regulation, are you vulnerable?
A –Absolutely. You sign a contract by clicking acceptance to its policy. 
Q – Can tell more how passport thing worked?
A – Client provides a photo & an assumed alias, will then receive a valid passport (which the client must print?)
Q –Is it easy to scam a text message?
A –With iPhone, odds are it will not download malware.
Q –Cyber warfare?
A – It’s here. Found on brand new thumb drives in 2008-2009. Happening right now, just may not know about. 
Q – You privately recording our conversations and questions?
Much Laughter...
A – No (Sean smiled)
Q – When use Credit Card internet services in a hotel, do they capture all info you use online?
A – Probably Yes.  Rational is in case you were using illegally from their network, they want a back out showing they weren’t offending party.
Much Appreciation & Thanks to Sean for Superbly Presented (much too short) Talk
 Thank you photography - Dale Borgeson & Darrell Bertelson (photos included in weekly Newsletter email distributions)

Ron Jensen