Bill Webb

Jan 16, 2019
Bill Webb, Retired Band Director, Edina High School:
  “Backyard Wildlife”
 Host: Ron Hasselmann
Upcoming Events
1/23/2019  Ryan McDonald, Field Director – Phoenix Team, Northern Star Council, Scouts BSA:  “Scouting’s Focus on the Family”.  Host: Roger O’Daniel
1/30/2019  Ross Hagemeister, Fishing Guide, Meister Guide Service:  “Real Men Eat Red Licorice When They Fish”  Host:  Paul Rehkamp
2/06/2019  Bob Rehkamp, CPA and CE Instructor:  “The New Income Tax Law – Where Are We?”.  Host: Paul Rehkamp
Dan Biersdorf -  Good Morning Everybody. 
Today’s Distinguished Guest
Marilyn Sharpe guest of Leslie Sharpe
Wake Up Ritual
Victor Kirsch   Mother In Law visited recently, had to clean the closet so she could hang over night.  Then, after additional fast humors:  Told my dog yesterday we looked alike – he left home.   Then:  “Best Place to Start Wednesday morning... “      Thank you Victor!
-New Member Dave Porter stood and gave brief background.  Welcome Dave  –you’re going to have great experience in this Wednesday AM breakfast club - We Guarantee It! 
Speaker Introduction, Speaker Testimonial & Speaker
Ron Hasselmann  Before introducing todays presenter, Ron graciously gave thanks to his association with Ham & Eggs.  After a ‘what you want to do with a trumpet player’ story, Ron (retired Associate Principal Trumpet and Associate Personnel Manager for Minnesota Orchestra) introduced today’s well recognized presenter Bill Webb.  Bill’s been a band director 24 years and associated with music for 37 years – one of most positive people you could ever meet.
Before Bill Webb took microphone, Les Sharpe stood & provided a testimonial.  Years earlier, Les told story of day his daughter came home extremely distraught.  Asking cause: “He wants us to play Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture!”    Les continued story describing how daughter and HS band performed superb rendition of ‘the impossible challenge’ under Bill Webb’s direction. 
Bill Webb  Pleasure to be here today.  Music has been my career – but also interested in photography.  Living in Edina 30 years, half of that time I never took a close look.
Bill then, after have taken a closer look, began presentation of phenomenal images from his back yard.  An amazing display of superb animal and insect photography followed – many award winning.
Ham & Egg members and guest were shown nearly ‘every’ animal available in metro area – many more than would first think.  Then birds:  not just all distinctive recognized, but close up images of multiple varieties of sparrows and warblers were identified during the presentation.  (anybody seen a Leucistic Junco lately?)
Multiple stories accompanied Bills fascinating Slide and Video presentation  - including Catbird pecking on window meowing like cat, bald eagle nearly getting mallard for dinner video, Wiley coyotes, blue jays loving peanuts, etc,
Winning multiple Edina photography awards with ‘middle of line’ Canon 60D & 3 or 4 lenses including 150-600mm zoom & years of patience – Bill concluded phenomenal professional presentation with club President Dan Beirsdorf presenting coveted Ham & Eggs coffee mug. 
Friends, just don’t get no better n that! 
Q – City of Edina claims we’re encroaching on animals.
A -  I’d say animals very abundant right now.  Just put out a simple bird bath & watch.
Q – How many different animals have you shown us today?
A – Over 100
Q/Comment (per photos shown) Birds dive into water from directly above to avoid reflection/refraction of light in water.
A – Never realized that.  Thank you
Q – You add any trees or shrubs to attract wild life?
A – Yes, several for humming birds.
Thank you Dale Borgeson for photos.  (clubs other of several photographers, aka Darrell, remembered to bring his camera, then forgot it in the car).   Gotta love our photo team!

Note:  Photos inserted into Current Members weekly Newsletter distributions. 

Ron Jensen

Scott Korzenowski
Jan 9, 2019
Scott Korzenowski, Franchisee Attorney and Host of Saturday Morning Sports Talk Show on AM 1500 Radio:  “The Social Injustices of So Called Amateur Athletics, and the Absolute Stupidity of a Certain Basketball Operation in Town”  Host: Barry Kelner
Upcoming Events
01/16/2019  Bill Webb, Retired Band Director, Edina High School:  “Backyard Wildlife”  Host: Ron Hasselmann
01/23/2019  Ryan McDonald, Field Director – Phoenix Team, Northern Star Council, Scouts BSA:  “Scouting’s Focus on the Family”.  Host: Roger O’Daniel
01/30/2019  Ross Hagemeister, Fishing Guide, Meister Guide Service:  “Real Men Eat Red Licorice When They Fish”  Host:  Paul Rehkamp
Dan Biersdorf -  Good Morning Everybody.  Again, I’m the Clubs new President.  Let’s all give a big hand to our prior President, Matt Biersdorf.   Much Applause.
Today’s Distinguished Guests
Dave Porter guest of Sam Larsen
Jay Thompson guest of Peter Warner
Bill Davis guest of Peter Warner
Wake Up Ritual
Victor Kirsch   Among other humors:  If a man says he’ll fix it, you don’t need to keep reminding him every 6 weeks...Then:  “Best Place to Start Wednesday morning... “
No Announcements 
Speaker Introduction & Speaker
Barry Kelner  You noticed the neck tie?  Yes, sports oriented – baseball.  Today, a very accomplished sports talk show host with numerous National acclaims.  Extremely entertaining and informative:  Scott Korzenowski.  
Scott Korzenowski Thank you Barry.
After background in local radio sports talk show host broadcasting, Scott stated he was huge fan of podcasts, radio on demand via phone.  General statements heard from Scott’s fast paced local sports presentation follow:
-As told my wife, radio sports show hosting isn’t a job, it’s more an opportunity to get things off my mind.
-Regarding today’s talk title, Timberwolves had a horrible coach.  A ‘free-throw’ story followed. 
-Just because have Dad’s name in sports doesn’t mean you won’t be good in it.
-Discrimination of both old and young discussed.
-When looking for coaches, teams need to search out energetic visionaries.
-Shouldn’t judge a coach on Wins or Loses as that tally is dependent on talent.  Vision examples were described.
-Personally, I believe sports is a metaphor for life.
-Timberwolves Andrew Wiggins comments here:   he can’t do anything other than jump.   Why does anyone like him? Not good at anything else. 
-Continuing on Wiggins, and I’ve stated on radio, just compare him with other players in their 3rd year.  Challenged with thoughts of Timberwolves dropping him, I say good and hope his new team is in our league.  Salary will burden them down.   Guys only had 10-12 good games in past 6 years. 
-So many stories haven’t even gotten to social injustice yet!   Here Scott told story of very good HS girl basketball player who signed contract while only a HS Junior to play for Rutgers.  A mistake was made and the team mistakenly sent a check to girl.  She cashed the check, but learning was against rules immediately returned the money - only to learn she’d been banned from future NCAA league participation.  This social injustice exposes what’s wrong with the NCAA.
-Today schools refer to kids as Student Athletes as opposed to Football players, an immoral theme all based on salary. 
Q – With money statements just made, why not pay all Athletes $5M and why not get rid of tax payer obligations (referring to stadiums, etc)?
A -  Great Q. When you have 80K fans & they pay $150/ticket you have huge value in market.  Fans don’t care if players are really attending the school, only that they represent the school.  Nobody cares!  Schools should license out facilities, etc.
Q – I believe people do care.   And 2nd, is there a coaching bubble regarding pay?
A – Schools care in regard they want to keep players eligible – I was talking about fans.  No, in general no salary bubble – answer varies sport to sport.  Coach examples and adjoining stories told (complex answer) concluding with: perhaps a bubble in baseball. 
Q/Comment regarding attendance and college football career(specific Q unheard)
A – Would Harvard give an academic scholarship if couldn’t play football. (response similarly not well heard)
Q/Comment – Kirk Cousins may not be good, but half the time he’s been running for his life.
A – Many Q.B. are not drafted in 1st rounds.  Reason, NFL can’t figure out what makes a good Q.B.  Problem is they don’t look at “pocket presence”.  Kirk Cousins has no “pocket presence”, especially last half of year.  Quarter Backs are always under pressure – even with those teams having an offensive line.
Thank you Dale Borgeson & Darrell Bertelson for photos as provided in weekly Newsletter emailed version. 

Ron Jensen

Cliff Erickson

Jan 2, 2019
Member Cliff Erickson, Multilingual Poet Laureate of Ham and Eggs Club:
 “Whence Cometh the Muse”
Upcoming Events
01/09/2018  Scott Korzenowski, Franchisee Attorney and Host of Saturday Morning Sports Talk Show on AM 1500 Radio:  “The Social Injustices of So Called Amateur Athletics, and the Absolute Stupidity of a Certain Basketball Operation in Town”  Host: Barry Kelner
01/16/2019  Bill Webb, Retired Band Director, Edina High School:  “Backyard Wildlife”  Host: Ron Hasselmann
01/23/2019  Ryan McDonald, Field Director – Phoenix Team, Northern Star Council, Scouts BSA:  “Scouting’s Focus on the Family”.  Host: Roger O’Daniel
Dan Biersdorf -  Good Morning.  It’s our 1st Wednesday in Jan and if didn’t attend Holiday Party, I’m new President for 6 months.  First, brief overview of who I am:  I worked with “Eminent Domain Law” since 1976 and run own firm since 1988.   Licensed in 11 states, covered cases from Alaska to New York City.  Besides further work background, Dan provided brief overview of family. Welcome to the helm Dan! 
Wake Up Ritual
Victor Kirsch  - This is old, but then-they’re all old:  Remember June Allyson?  She once provided patriotic speech to bunch of seniors – there wasn’t a dry seat in the house!  Then, after a PC Gender debate humor, H&E members Q each Wednesday AM was answered:  “Because....”
No Guests Today
-Dan Beirsdorf my vision for next 6 months – not complicated:
-Keep building Membership
-Develop Speakers program, perhaps informal committee to assist
-Involve all membership with support
-Want more guests
-Thinking, perhaps a motivational event round a theme
-Going to personally call everybody to get thoughts! 
-Mike Casserly announced death of Ham & Eggs oldest member,  joining in 1973,  John Ahren at age 96.  Mike interestingly noted both he and John earlier accidently discovered were 3rd cousins.  John, among numerous other life accomplishments, fondly remembered as great story teller. 
-Dan Biersdorf  read Holiday Thank You note addressed to Ham & Eggs Club from Edina Country Club breakfast Servers.
-Bob Lewis sadly announced both Chris Kalagerson  and Dick Atkinson retiring from Club (each members since 2011).  Additionally, Joe Langer challenged with health issuesAdditionally, Irv Grossman’s return is questionable (dependent on transportation support?).  Much thanks to Tom Lovetang for recent help.
-Bob Lewis announced membership count today at 50-53 members.
-Sam Larson announced donation of Quarterly Dues discount (non attendance for least 4 weeks during quarter) to members with Guest fees.   Thank You Sam! 
-Les Sharpe proposed dropping Speaker photos and some Speaker content currently presented on Club Website FUTURE SPEAKERS Page.  An immediate consensus declared decision OK.  (Imagine - Legislators that responsive)
-Bob Lewis (source?) Regarding potential Club synergism, propose consideration of Ham & Eggs periodically meeting together with similar Minneapolis Club. 
Cliff Erickson   When anyone gets the mic, first attempt is humor – some of best is personal:  We landed in Miami & got in line.  Quickly noticed everybody spoke only Spanish with each being questioned ‘extensively’ by admitting official.  Arriving, he stared at my passport and after pause, looked in eye & declared:  “holly shit, you’ve got 3 books overdue at local library!”   Truly - Good Humor.
Continuing, our Club Poet Laureate described how conversation inspires inspiration and, then secondly, creates need to transfer to paper.
-“Not much in world will draw convictions across my line in the sand” – Yet...“sounds happen before pen’s put down”....
-I’m a professional poet!  Paid at least once–a Fleischmann Gin limerick.  Got check for $100 & so proud even reported to IRS!   (Cliff here read his limerick to huge appreciation) 
-Always fascinated with sound(s).  Observed, growing up, 5 near neighbor houses had different native languages.  Further observed, when they spoke English, each pronounced it differently.  
Cliff here stated his perhaps 4 favorite poets:
-Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under pseudo Lewis Carol citing lines from Alice and Wonderland    
-Ogden Nash blended language & words to rhyme –‘loved that guy!’  
-Arthur Guiterman poems
-Robert Service ballads & story work.  Members heard several lines from ‘Cremation of Sam McGee’.  
-Following a Rotary Club ‘Outstallation’ (opposite from ‘Installation’) story, Cliff enforced need if writing to a song, pay attention to rhyme(?) and meter.
-Wrote mostly in summer at cottage.  Stuff includes lot of ‘in jokes’. 
Cliff, toward conclusion, read two prior works pertaining to Ham & Eggs.  One was titled “Day Before Turkey” (Nov 16, 2016) & another memorable ballad starting with “Our President Baer....”  
Last & concluding, considering story via H&E member’s effort to keep fire hydrant snow free and thinking how to link Rotary Club for poem, on way home witnessed a Dog paying duty to his hydrant.  Then, totally changed upcoming poems theme!  The short and hilarious result again read  - receiving much applause. 
A single Q was allowed.  
Q – Any target for poem writing frequency?
A – No – example the Fire Hydrant poem.  
“Creativity is connecting two things you already know that have no connection”

Thank you Dale Borgeson & Darrell Bertelson for photos - included on weekly email distributions. 

Ron Jensen

Ardelle Mills

Dec 19, 2018
Ardelle Mills, Homemaker, Mother, Athlete: "Competing at the National Level in Two Sports, Archery and Speed Skating, Long Before Title IX"
  Host: Cliff Erickson.
Upcoming Events

12/26/2018No Meeting December 26!

01/02/2018   Member Cliff Erickson, Multilingual Poet Laureate of Ham and Eggs Club:  “Whence Cometh the Muse”

01/09/2018  Scott Korzenowski, Franchisee Attorney and Host of Saturday Morning Sports Talk Show on AM 1500 Radio:  “The Social Injustices of So Called Amateur Athletics, and the Absolute Stupidity of a Certain Basketball Operation in Town”  Host: Barry Kelner
Matt Biersdorf -  Thanks Everyone who attended the Winter Party.

Matt Biersdorf  - Please don’t show up Next Week! 
Matt Biersdorf  - Our next President, starting Jan 2, will be my Dad Dan Biersdorf.  Today’s my last day.  Give our new President emails on any thoughts wished.
Guest Today
Char Erickson guest of Speaker Ardelle Mills
Wake Up Ritual
Henry Pryor – always bring my joke bag, just in case Victor doesn’t show up.  Unfortunately today left glasses in the car!  Too funny!   Henry then read Classic ‘Foul Mouthed Parrot’ humor.  Parrot ends up getting put into Freezer because of his mouth.  Coming out, he begs forgiveness, then asks what did that frozen turkey in there do?  

Henry then boldly answered weekly self Q “Why are we here?”

Thank you Henry!
Introduction & Speaker
Cliff Erickson opened speaker introduction first with personal memory.  Dec 5th has new meaning for me.  Was 1916, 102 years ago, a 17 year old passed Ellis Island not knowing language, no job and on his own – my Dad! 
I’ve known today’s speaker Ardelle Mills for over 50 years.  Cliff here retells Ardelle’s “Real Women” Boundary Waters story together with competing Church group “The Wimps” (Women Interested in More Prestigious Surroundings).  A house wife with 4 kids & husband, trained for Archery and Speed Skating at national level is speaker today.   Also, one other thing: she writes poetry! 
Ardelle Mills – Good Morning.  Thank you for having me here.  BTW: Cliff selected the title.  Born in 1930, father when 8 yrs old brought home a football.  Being only one in neighborhood who owned a football, learned to make my way with sports.  When got speed skates  - started winning races.  Those skates were beautiful.    
Continued notes heard at Ardelle’s articulate fascinating presentation follow: 
-Coach’s statement, a daughter should have pair of skate ‘specials’ (blade ½ as wide as normal – but a lot of money)   Those skates lasted my entire skating career!
-Skated Powderhorn Park & won Juvenile Division in 1946.   Remarkably labeled a National Champion.  The next summer broke my leg.  Then, following summer, cleats caught sliding into home, broke my ankle! 
-Married 1956 to husband at Honeywell.  1960 words:  “I’m gonna make a Champion out of you”.   Was fun!
-Practiced archery in yard next to window – so could hear kids when they woke up.   After big Wabash Wisconsin meet  – got appetite for competition again.
-Soon qualified for National Championship, represented US Archery Team in Sweden.
-Funded my expenses driving school bus,.
-1965, was 12th in world (3rd on US Archery Team).   Have coffee table filled with metals.   Am proud of... 
-1967 made National Championship & got my ‘Red Jacket’.
-1969, won in Philadelphia.  Was sort of letdown as fun traveling out of country.
-Began chaperoning teens on summer nature canoe trips – Boundary Waters area.
-1981 decided to take women on canoe trips.  We outfitted ourselves to Boundary Waters – cost was $25/week.   Proud to have left this legacy in my church.
Here, concluding overview of fascinating life, Ardelle Mills read a poem she’d written “The Five Successes” starting with words:   Slow down my friend...

Q –Visiting Boundary Water for years, when was your last visit?
A –Started when 7 yrs as youth.  28 yrs now before turned over. 
Q/Comment– Have a niece competitive in speed skating.  She always liked to be ahead – asked why:  Then nobody in front can fall and take you out! 
A –Yes, I was very competitive.  At 8 yrs old, coach pitted me against 10 yr old boy & he won!  He also turned out to be top speed skater in 1950 & 1952.
Q –Visiting Boundary Waters – any Bear issues?
A –No, but we put food up every night.  Here Ardelle told bells on back pack theme  to which Voice in back of room blared:  “Was a dinner bell!”   Much Laughter...
Q –What church you belong to & what route you take to Boundary Waters every year. 
A –United Methodist & we took a different route every trip. 
Q –Anyone help pay expenses during your competitions? 
A –Only on one, the US National.  They paid way to and from – we paid all other costs.
Much Applause!

Happy Holiday ALL
Several Party Photos Included in Members Email Newsletter weekly distribution.  

Thank you Dale Borgeson & Darrell Bertelson for photos inserted 

Ron Jensen