Rich Stanek

August 14, 2019
Rich Stanek, past Sheriff of Hennepin County.  Host: Bob Lewis
Upcoming Speakers
8/21/2019  Dean Phillips, US Congressman:  Joint Meeting with ‘Minneapolis Breakfast Club’  Co-Hosts:  Jim Erickson & Leslie Sharpe

8/28/2019  William Schaffer CLU, ChFC, Humana MN MarketPOINT Sales Representative: “Medicare – What Do Parts A, B, C and D Cover?  How to Evaluate Plans To Fit My Needs?”  Host: Victor Kirsch

9/04/2019  Chuck Schreffler, Attorney and Delegate to Better Angels National Convention.  Host: Leslie Sharpe

Dan BiersdorfGood Morning Everybody.  I’m back!  Herb’s flight back was cancelled.  Good turnout this morning.
Distinguished Guests 
Bob Bonde guest of Bob Lewis
Tim Wolter guest of Gene Hoff
Leo Espinoza guest of Gene Hoff
Steve Wise guest of John Halpern
John Crouch guest of John Halpern
Jamie Urban guest of John Halpern
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Announcements & Morning Starters
  • Dale Borgeson said he’d run into Henry PryorHenry’s comfortable, yet remains with health issues.
  • Dale Borgeson provided a seemingly new club item – “word of the day”.  Today’s word is ‘racketeer’.  Dale’s liberalized definition: “a person with lots of drive & a captive audience”.  Much Laughter! 
  • Victor Kirsch   Young man out on the town spends night in motel room ‘in that district’.  Late at night he hears a tap, tap, tap on his door and knows a ‘young lady’ is trying to get his attention.   Finally, after repeated tap, tap, tapping on his motel room door – he finally gets up and lets her out.   Much laughter!   Then: “Why We’re Here...”  Thank you Victor! 
Introduction & Today’s Speaker
Gene Hoff introduced today’s speaker after 1st commenting: “Heard Q on Discovery Channel.  Q was:  can a person hear in a vacuum.  A lawyer answere: ‘depends if it’s turned ON or OFF’.  Much Laughter!  Then introduction of Rich Stanek.
Rich Stanek   Started with:  “OK - Soooo....(clearly picking up on the attorney theme) how many here are attorneys?”  Nearly a quarter of room raised hands.  “A fair number!  OK - a cop attorney story”.  Attorney with wife as passenger gets stopped  - 20 mph over in a 55 mph zone.  Officer at window hears wife state loudly, ‘Gene, you know you were doing 80!’.  Officer about to question attorney driver when wife asks husband “going to him about the broken taillight?”.  While ticket being written for speeding and taillight, officer says, ‘I notice you’re not wearing a seatbelt’ when wife says ‘But Gene, you never wear a seat belt!’  Still writing, officer asks “your wife always talk about you this way?” when she declares “only when he’s drunk”.  Much Laughter!
-No down side to retirement!  I look at all friends in the room who beneficially assisted me.  Perhaps youngest retiree in the world – no downside– am a better brother, husband & dad today.  Following lengthy string of prior job titles – “at end of day titles don’t matter, people matter”. 
-Had 8,200 names on iPhone!  Tried to clean, but friends still there...
-Following election, made commitment that for 120 days would not critique public safety or thoughts on how new Sheriff doing business.  Saying that, since I’ve opened a business re Public Safety.
-‘FirstNet’ concept resulted from 911 commissioner’s report.  18 years ago recommendation for public safety to have its own communication bandwidth for responders.  FirstNet received $7B to get started & Congress allocated significant bandwidth.  Deals between AT&T & FirstNet evolved & I got involved.
-Need for bandwidth dedicated to responders particularly critical during an emergency as everyone on their cell.  Now, law enforcement, medical teams and other support has a priority to communication and 911 calls.   Calls could be enabled for immediate transfer to emergency personnel on scene – today largely only happens on TV.
-Yes, promised on retirement to continue being involved with Public Safety – ‘”Also promised to be less shy”   Much Laughter!  Spending time speaking with fokes like you.  Last night in Baltimore, tomorrow flying again.
Here, Rich Stanek increasingly invited member/guest thoughts even pointing specific query to associates.
-Questions Rich offered:  “What think of Red Flag laws?”  (Red Flag laws involve petitions to Court for ‘no fire arms for individual for period of study/corrective action)  Will certainly be issue presented in 2020 elections.
-Talked topic of Mental Health in Oval Office with numerous leaders.  Consensus was background checks did not mandate mental health information be made available. The President was stunned! 
-Today, 95% of States comply with data transfer re gun purchases, but not mandated.  Basic gun purchase requirements today:  age 21, training, background check in all States.  Any ‘Good Sheriff’ (some laughter heard?) insures these minimum checks performed issuing permits today.  Saying, County Sheriffs have much discretion.
 Gotten better, but have been no ‘mass shootings’ where weren’t significant indicators of mental illness.  Many individuals today don’t receive help/assistance of family, friends, co-workers, or neighbor’s.
 Individuals doing shooting have common indicators.  Co-Workers knew what was going on, but, with ‘MN Nice’ kept, kept to selves. 
Member/Guest Comment – I don’t think there’s a single answer.  More driver training today required for license than getting a military style gun. 
Rich’s Return  – Awesome responsibility to carry a gun, done for 35 years.  Discussion and stories continued: included one guy ending up in jail for simply ‘showing possession of gun’– nothing else. 
Member/Guest Returns – Yesterday we used fists to settle differences, today we pull a gun.
Member/Guest Comment – Read recently 1 Million assault weapons sold per year.
Rich’s Return – No need for fully automatics on personal side.  Semi auto, perhaps.  Conversation here morphed into Gun Buy back programs.  Buy back perhaps good (done in other countries).  However, a lot of junk retuned.  
Member/Guest Comment: Today, feel like kids (anyone under 24) need to have a weapon is a cultural thing.  Gangs shoot other gangs, a cultural change.
Member/Guest Comment:  Robert Frost was once asked worse word in English Language.  He stated:  ‘intolerance’   2nd worse word:  ‘selflessness’ the route to all evil.
Member/Guest Comment:  Over and over mass shootings belong to a subversive element supported on the internet.  We hear about after the fact.
Rich’s Return:  Vast majority Yes.  But things happen where friend’s co-workers, etc don’t say anything.  Example: Why need 100 round magazines?
Member/Guest Comment:  What are statistics compared with, say, 50 years ago?
Response:  Mass shootings with 4 or more causalities numbered 137 in US last year.  Did we take notice years ago???
Dan Biersdorf (again, filling for airline stranded Herb Schechter) concluded another fascinating Ham & Eggs presentation.  Thank you Dan.
Thank You Dale Borgeson for photos -  (photos included in Newsletter email distribution to Members & Guests) . 

Ron Jensen


Michael Wurth

August 7, 2019
Michael Wurth, Community Engagement Director, Urban Boatbuilders  “Building Youth One Boat at a Time”.  Host: Richard Wisland
Upcoming Speakers
8/14/2019  Rich Stanek, past Sheriff of Hennepin County.  Host: Bob Lewis
8/21/2019  Dean Phillips, US Congressman:  Joint Meeting with ‘Minneapolis Breakfast Club’  Co-Hosts:  Jim Erickson & Leslie Sharpe
8/28/2019  William Schaffer CLU, ChFC, Humana MN MarketPOINT Sales Representative: “Medicare – What Do Parts A, B, C and D Cover?  How to Evaluate Plans To Fit My Needs?”  Host: Victor Kirsch
Herb SchechterGood Morning Everybody.  We have a terrific speaker this morning.   
Distinguished Guest 
Gabriel Womack guest of Dale Borgeson
Announcements & Morning Starters
  • Leslie Sharpe stated he’d called Henry PryorHenry’s comfortable.  He and wife moving to Eden Prairie.  He wants to come back to club.
  • Bob Lewis  We need to know how many people and guests for next week.  Please let me know if bringing guests by Tuesday.
  • Leslie Sharpe We need to think about our guest policy.  Today, we’re losing money with guest policy.
  • Herb Schechter commented on recent wait in airline check in line.  An impeccably dress man boldly went to front of line however was told by boarding pass attendant: “Please go to end of line”.  Indignant, the man repeatedly loudly declared “you know who I am?”   The ticket agent got on microphone to assist:  “Anyone know who this man is?”   Much laughter! 
  • Victor Kirsch told of man speeding.  When stopped by highway patrol the officer says, I see by your record you’re supposed to be wearing glasses.  The man, becoming very indignant at being stopped returns “Office, you should know I have contacts!”   Much laughter,.   Then –“Why We’re Here...”  Thank you Victor! 
Introduction & Today’s  Speaker
Richard Wisland hosted and provided introduction to today’s speaker Michael Wurth.   See the ‘Urban Boatbuilders” at State Fair, DNR building.  The kids will be working on their boats.  The program builds confidence and skills. 
Michael Wurth  Good Morning Everybody!
Michael started his presentation with a video of Fox 9 News Link showing teens learning thru boat building. 
Several statements heard during a fine presentation follow:
-‘Urban Boatbuilders’ is looking at its 25th anniversary next year.   The organization started with a grant to support teens in the area.  With two groups competing, the grant provider told us to ‘get together’ and ‘Urban Boatbuilders’ was started.   Our program teaches underprivileged teens skills. 
-MN has a huge worker shortage.  Population growth says we need youth with skills.  Our underserved today have a youth (many black) unemployment rate of 20% against an overall MN rate of 3.6%
-Our training, beside technical skills, also focuses on job interviewing skills.  After initial training, we provide advanced training, working with schools to deliver programs with 76% gaining employment after our association. 
-Volunteers make our program a success.  Plans to enhance from 1,000 students to 2,000 exist.  We’re a non profit organization.  Funding comes from 30% grants, 20% fees for progress,  20% from individual donors & remainder from internal product profits.
Here, one of several ‘stories’ Michael Wurth told regarded a youths 1st experience camping in Boundary Waters.  In middle of night significant screaming woke camp leaders to hear teenager declare ‘Aliens are here!’   He’d never seen northern lights before. 
Q – Definition between Canoe & Boat?
A – Never been asked that before.
Q – Are there specific programs the kids graduate from?
A – Yes.  1st 4 months considered an ‘initial learning’.  The next 4 months are ‘advanced skills’.  After that, can apply to be youth instructor requiring 8 months.  After that, can be in the Alumni Council and not paid anymore.  Overall focus is on job searching and applying continuing education.
Q – You provide any ‘follow on’ job seeking support?
A – Yes.  We have interaction with groups, carpenters and Dunwoody for example.
Q – Is Johnson Boat Works interested in your work?
A – Not that I’m aware of.
Q – How much your students earn?
A – First $10/hr, then $11 & $12.   Would like to provide lot more – but funding limited.
Q – Boat material?
A – The nylon covering has intricate weave & actually quite durable. Boats have a 750 lb load capacity. 
Q – The canoe looks labor intensive – how much time Start to Finish?
A – Varies – Perhaps 50-70 hours (with 4 or 5 students) & instructor
Q – Work space?
A – 5,000 sq ft (University Ave St Paul) with plans to expand. 
Q – How kids find you?  What’s hiring process?
A – With perhaps 125 counselors, once apply we interview.  We hire ~30 youth at a time.  Have a wait list. 
Q – Boats for sale?
A – Yes we sell to public;  $900 -> $1,700 dependent on design.
Q – You make a profit?
A – Pretty slim – Materials for single unit can come in as high as $1,000.  Any profit contributes to part of budget. 
Q – How view process or get involved?
A – Absolutely!  We’re open to public once per week.  Check our website: WWW.URBANBOATBUILDERS.ORG
President Herb Schechter here concluded another fascinating Ham & Eggs presentation with the coveted Mug Presentation ceremony. 
Thank you Darrell Bertelson and Dale Borgeson for photos - provided in member NEWSLETTER email distributions. 

Ron Jensen



Jasmine Stringer

July 31, 2019

Jasmine Stringer, Writer, Motivational Workshop Speaker, and WCCO Special Events Contributor:  “Carpe Diem (Seize Your Life)”.  Host:  Dale Borgeson
Upcoming Events
8/07/2019  Michael Wurth, Community Engagement Director, Urban Boatbuilders:  “Building Youth One Boat at a Time”.   Host: Richard Wisland
8/14/2019  Rich Stanek, past Sheriff of Hennepin County.  Host: Bob Lewis
8/21/2019  Dean Phillips, US Congressman.  Joint Meeting with ‘Minneapolis Breakfast Club’  Co-Hosts:  Jim Erickson & Leslie Sharpe
Herb Schechter – Good Morning!  A real treat today – I have no joke.  Instead a word about the stock market.  It’s at an all time high today – but nobody’s paying attention – all are waiting for the bottom to drop out.  Last time I spoke I talked about things people do, our DNA and cavemen.  Often how we behave with our modern economy:  1) all fear loss, & 2) all fear missing out.  (a complex emotional level).  Herb concluded with theme many have:   “Sell Low, Buy High”

Dale Borgeson provided today’s ‘Word of the Day’ riddle.  Another pronunciation our Word mister struggled to pronounce! –Too funny! 
Victor Kirsch  Had my annual checkup.  I do it every 18 months.  Doctor told me to lose 10 lbs, so far only have 15 to go.  Then after several more fast pasted humors, Victor style, the awaited “Why We’re Here!”   Thank You Victor!

No Guests Today
Dan Beirsdorf announced ‘were going to get things going.  One of 4 on the ‘Membership Enhancement Committee’ will be contacting you shortly.

Todays Speaker
Dale Borgeson following a favorite, often told, ‘I was in heaven’ story provided a superb introduction for today’s speaker:  Jasmine Stringer
Jasmine Stringer  Good Morning & Thank You for the enthusiastic introduction.  Great to see a good number of silver foxes this AM.  What you’re going to hear from me is a little gumbo this morning– everybody know what gumbo is?  It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that! 
Jasmine started her presentation with a short video involving herself titled: “Jazz’ed Up”.

One liner thoughts heard from fast paced motivational message follow:
-Anybody hear the recent NPR session regarding fact that people who are happy often talk to strangers?
-I’ve always been a positive person.  “Carpe Diem” Latin for “Sieze the Day” – life can change in the blink of an eye. 
-Here Jasmine related a story on seizing the day starting out with ‘you need a vision’.
-“OK, I’m making an assumption here.  Most of you are on the back half of your life” –Much Laughter when the voice form back of room blared:  “more accurately, the back half of the back half!” More Laughter!  

-I want you to think & dream your vision! 
-As long as you have a breath, you have a purpose!
-Jasmine, here circling the room as she talked, told story of her mother and mother’s ‘parenting advice’ work initiated on Facebook.  She wanted to be active & this was her vision.
At this point in time, our own Admiral breaks into a couple of bars of Simon & Garfunkel’s Fifty Ninth Street Bridge Song”  (feeling groovy).  Honest Truth!   Had to be there friends!  

With this Jazz’ed Up mood, Jasmine graciously concluded her presentation with a big Thank You.  Much Applause followed.  President Herb gave our speaker a coveted Ham & Eggs coffee mug. 
Thank you Dale Borgeson for hosting todays fascinating speaker and providing photos
Ron Jensen


Mark Stageberg

July 24, 2019
Member Mark Stageberg, Retired Attorney and Author: 
“Mitsubishi MU2 Killed 5, No 6 People”.
Upcoming Events
7/31/2019  Jasmine Stringer, Writer, Motivational Workshop Speaker, and WCCO Special Events Contributor:  “Carpe Diem (Seize Your Life)”.  Host:  Dale Borgeson
8/07/2019  Michael Wurth, Community Engagement Director, Urban Boatbuilders:  “Building Youth One Boat at a Time”.   Host: Richard Wisland
8/14/2019  Rich Stanek, past Sheriff of Hennepin County.  Host: Bob Lewis
Herb Schechter – Good Morning!  Well, did it again.  Last week new member Gary Harrington (hosted by Dave Morgan).... forgot to give him the coveted Ham & Eggs coffee mug!   Thank you Bob Lewis for filling in.
Distinguished Guests
Dave Bardal guest of Lary Forsland
Gerry Knight guest of Mark Stageberg
Linda Coffey guest & 20 year traveling partner with Mark Stageberg
1)      Dale Borgeson provided word description of ‘wanderlust’ a synonym of ‘restlessness’.  Then, switching to Minneapolis Aquatennial event, humorously botching name ‘Bde Maka Saka’ (Lake Calhoun) in pitch for the yearly celebration.
2)      Dale Borgeson  provided ‘fair warning’ re next week’s speaker, Jasmine Stringer.  Can be extremely convincing!   Those timid - CAUTON!  
3)      Darrell Bertelson announced Clubs Membership Committee is working with goal to bring club membership up.
4)      Herb Schechter commented, regarding Membership Committees recommendation, next Wednesday sit at different table.  Get to know other club members better!
Then – “Why We’re Here”
Victor  The ol boy on last leg announced with family gathering around:  I give Jim all apartments north, and Mike all town houses on south side.  Nurse later questioning:  I didn’t realize was so rich.  Wife responded: the paper routes.   Much Laughter!
Then, “Why we’re here?” as only Victor can do it! 
Todays Speaker
Mark Stageberg, no Club introduction required, opened with:  “Sometimes an austere Title can increase interest and understanding at conclusion”  began another phenomenal, all ears glued, presentation.  Commenting:  Some of you know about ‘Win Some, Lose Some’.  If know anyone interested in Law School, this book may be an interesting read.  I’m giving copies away!
Mark confessed, marketing books not as much fun as writing em.  Sold 500 of 1000 printed, then reduced price, now giving remaining 300 away. 
(SCRIBES INSERTION:  Any beneficial book distribution, contact any Ham & Eggs Club member for communication back to Mark.  Yes, I’ve read it & recommend!) 
-75th birthday coming up and looking forward to entire family trip to Florida - Disney here we come!  Best part, guess who they all voted to pay for it!   Much Laughter! 

-Law School on lawsuits:  interpreting and representing trial clients requires experience.  The man John Lommen, a premier trial lawyer in MN, was my mentor.  Some called him ‘The Barracuda’! 

-John convinced me I needed aviation experience – so got a license. 

-Usually when planes crash they have dead people. This is a very high money making business.

-Certain after 2 737-MAX crashes, many lawyers involved.  Very lucrative!  Boeing will be paying billions.

-4 basic reasons planes crash: 
1) Defect in Design or Construction
2) Fixed based operator support: (Check Out, Wrong Fuel, etc)
3) Weather
4) Pilot Error – this the vast majority of all aviation crashes.

-Paul Wellstone crash analysis asked if weather cause.  Reason, pilot too low and too slow.

-Misubishi MU2 had 2 models: 9 passenger & 7 passenger high wings, 2 engine, cheaper than Lear and 1600 mile range, 30,000  ft capability at 300 mph.

-Crazy history – FAA permitted use by single pilot with zero ‘check off’ list required.  Anybody with pilot’s license could fly the Mitsubishi.

-Unfortunate, 28% of all these aircraft had crashes.  This compares against 8% for other aircraft.

-Mark stated the aircraft was fast & tricky to fly – considered an ‘executives Hot Rod’. However, it’s “envelope of factors required to fly” were narrow.  Quebec 2017 – 7 people.  Bahamas 2018 – 4 people...  Multiple addition crash photos shown. 
So, what does all above have to do with me?  Mark Stageberg?
“Plane crash kills 5 in Ramsey” headline displayed.  Extremely wealthy people died.  New York lawyers contacted John Lommen, my legal company leader and mentor.  They wanted him to represent the lawsuit against Mitsubishi – defending Mitsubishi. 
-I ended up doing pretrial work.

-Most serious argument against Mitsubishi was wind tunnel test finding horizontal stabilizers with ¼” ice made aircraft unstable & probably crash.

-Exhaustive research suggested ice not an issue in this MU2 crash.

-The trial began Feb 10, 1988 in Minneapolis Federal court.  It was decided our legal team leader, John Lomman would represent the Mitsubishi case.  I was very involved in two other cases.

-The plaintive arguments were quick.  John Lommen, ‘Barracuda style’, stood in front of jury, aiming at large chart, pointer in hand.......laid down on floor & rolled over... Mark’s 1st thought: “my Best Friend’s dead”.  John dead at 60!

-Judge requested all lawyers into conference stating resume of lawsuit trial immediately Monday AM, same Jury and further – Mark was required lawyer representing Mitsubishi.

-With far differing Judge-Lawyer team discussions, the lawyers recommended settling. 
The case settled quickly with $1 Million going to the plaintives. 
Q & A
Q – Best understanding, what brought that plane down?
A – Considerations mentioned – discussion of Bahama crash ice & ensuing issues.  Also possible, one of pilot’s sons (also licensed) was flying.  Last contact from Fargo tower (plane was on wrong taxi path) per pilot communication.
Q – How do you select Federal Judges to preside?
A – Absolutely no influence.  Actually, most Federal Judges are good, very, but not our Judge.
Q – What are unique with Federal Court requirements?
A – Residents of 1 state can sue others in another state.   Even out of country.
Q – Was $1M payment (to plaintive) low?
A – Extremely
Q – Appears significant difference in crash investigations, auto verse aircraft.
A – Yes.   FAA Board normally produces a “Probable Cause Report”.  There was nothing for this accident.  Not even Date of Accident.
Q –Articles written on this plane?
A – Many articles, have read many.   It’s statistics suggestive of problems.
Q – Recorders required on commercial aircraft but not private?
 A – Correct                                                                                                                                                                                           
Much Applause followed for another fascinating Mark Stageberg capturing and informative presentation.
Thank you Dale Borgeson, Minneapolis Aquatennial bound, for photos                            

Ron Jensen