David Porter & Roger Stageberg 

Oct 9, 2019
“Who Am I” Wednesday
David Porter & Roger Stageberg 
Upcoming Speakers
10/16/2019  Alan Anderson, encore Speaker:  “Rising CO2 and Ocean Acidification”.  Host:  Dan Biersdorf

10/23/2019  Isaac Orr, Policy Fellow at Center For The American Experiment: “Doubling Down on Failure: How a 50% Energy Standard Would Cost MN $80.2 Billion”.  Host  George Mueller

10/30/2019  Felicity James, Associate Concertmaster of MN Symphony Orchestra:  Host:  Ron Hasselmann
Roger O’Daniel filling for President Herb Schechter –  Good morning Ham & Eggers.  A very special event today!
Jerry Nye guest of Dave Porter
Announcements & Morning Starters
Leslie Sharpe announced club doing a similar “Who Am I Wednesday – Nov 6th letting new/newer members tell a little about themselves. 
Ray Witter gave notice - MN Orchestra associated with Naval academia has invited numerous Glee Clubs (male and female) to present on Veterans Day weekend 2020.  Get tickets now! 
Victor Kirsch following one of Roger O’Daniel’s favorite opening slides (the infamous Post Turtle)  
(w Slide showing Turtle on top of Country Post - on screen)
When driving down country road if come across  a turtle balanced  top of post – That’s a post turtle.  "You know he didn't get there by himself, he doesn't belong there, he doesn't know what to do while up there.
Following additional humors, including concentrating on Twins 101 wins – Victor presented continually increasing energized famous... ‘knowing why we’re here’ ....
Thank you all members
First of Today’s Member Speakers
Roger Stageberg - (Stag’-e-berg – with long A) Scribe always hesitant on pronunciation since meeting member & brother Mark Stageberg years ago.
Roger opened: Larry Forsland dogged me for 10 years to join Ham & Eggs.  Finally I did.  Today, brought along two prompts: 1st a slide rule – $45 tool bought for $5.00.   Will show the 2nd one later...
Roger talked lumber business, growing up with brother Mark instilled with fathers ‘responsibility’ requirements. 
Early life story with education choice between Engineering Grad School (the slide rule prompt) or Law School, all on (biased?) spin of Silver Dollar, Roger’s upcoming 2nd Prompt! 
Constant memory of Grandmother’s requirement:  1st grandchild (were 8) always  must be a minister.  Well, I was 2nd, grandchild, but her theme remained in mind throughout career.  And - I was a successful lawyer. 
Retiring from legal career shortly ago, BOTH joined Ham & Eggs and, following additional training in theology, started grandmothers wish: now also a part time Lutheran minister. 
Much Applause! 
David Porter
(2nd Member to Speak) opened: “Our prior speaker showed how elastic this membership is”.
Dave stated history of law school also.  Successful financially.
Currently a reader & today collect and send Spanish books toward border.
With grandchildren (8) all within 10 miles, do everything possible to visit each regularly.
Dave Porter continued with a wide diversity of life events:  everything from multiple attempts to join military service, his faith, history dealing with bipolar conditions, and long term support of others. 
Significant membership Thank You applause followed each members “Who I Am” speaking opportunity.
Roger O’Daniel
President Fill In –Roger O’Daniel provided addition commentary telling another of infamous Irish humor oriented commentaries.  Story: My car dealer uncle invited radio advertising to dealership that weekend.  Radio announcer asked Uncle - live on radio: “What’s that “S” knob behind steering wheel powerhouse Olds with super sport engine here?”   Uncle returned, you push that “S......” button when want real performance...”  Roger’s uncle gained advertising infamy on live radio that day!
Then, Roger’s “Carbon Blast Tune Up” Story.  Asked, in early years, by boss auto Manager what exactly his advertised ‘Tune Up’ entailed.  Roger’s response a simple:  “you don’t wanta know!”... Too Funny!
Thank You Darrell Bertelson & Dale Borgeson for meeting photos provided.

Ron Jensen

Carl-Johan Torarp

Oct 2, 2019

Carl-Johan Torarp, CEO and Majority Owner of LocalLoop Inc.,
(a rural Internet Company): “Understanding the ‘Cloud’, 4G and 5G Networks”.  Host: Roger Stageberg
Upcoming Speakers
10/9/2019  Who Am I?  New Members Tell Their Stories.  Members:  Roger Stageberg, David Porter and Gary Harrington

10/16/2019  Alan Anderson, encore Speaker:  “Rising CO2 and Ocean Acidification”.  Host:  Dan Biersdorf

10/23/2019  Isaac Orr, Policy Fellow at Center For The American Experiment: “Doubling Down on Failure: How a 50% Energy Standard Would Cost MN $80.2 Billion”.  Host  George Mueller
Herb Schechter –  Welcome Ham & Eggers & Welcome & New Members.
New Members
Bernie Baier introduced by Dave Morgan
Dave Bardal introduced by Larry Forsland
Announcements & Morning Starters
Herb Schechter – You ever notice how older people greet one another?  ‘Hi, how are you?”  Funny thing – nobody cares!  Much Laughter!

Herb, on a roll, continued sequence with lawyer questions:   “Your 21 year old son – how old is he?”  “Were you present when this picture of you was taken?”  “Your 1st marriage was terminated by death, whose death?” Etc... Much Laughter! 

Victor Kirsch  1st, current new member Tom Reusse been a long friend.  Then, I met with 5 old cronies other day.  We made an agreement: Just 1 health story and 1 grand kid story each!  Following additional humors, Victors Long Famous  “Why Are We Here!”
Thank you Herb & VictorAnd welcome Bernie, Dave & Tomyou’re going to have fun breakfasting Wednesday’s with this teamThat’s a promise!  
Long time members Irv Grossman & Henry Pryor are each convalescing in rehab facilities.  Club Members extend best wishes and fast recoveries to both.
Today’s Speaker
Roger Stageberg hosting today’s phenomenal speaker provided background adding: – “he’s a Swede & I’m Norwegian, still confess - we get along!”  Last, beyond academic and career achievements mentioned, Carl’s run 10 marathons!  Friends:  Carl-Johan Torarp
 Carl-Johan Torarp   Career in Computer Science industry.  Started with Mainframes, continued with Mini Computers and PC.

-Many separated communities in Sweden, distant with no internet. An advanced Wireless communication was solution.  Found same problems in US rural areas.
-With research, found many vendors didn’t support rural areas.
-‘LocaLoop Inc’, term for ‘last mile’, is patented Cloud based technology. 
-Rural Market: 25M POPS (10M households & 1M small businesses) without adequate internet.
-Addressed market & today involve 9,260 radio towers.
-‘synKro’ is Cloud based automated service delivery model offering Subscribers Value. 
-multiple attributes of ‘synKro’ model listed, several below:
No long term contracts
No usage limits
No forced bundles
No complicated paper billings
No billing surprises or termination fees
No Credit Card checks
No off-shore call centers
Etc – the list extended....
-Graphic Slide showing LocaLoop ‘synKro’ solution presented.   (On Top-Microsoft Cloud;  In Middle–Internet;  At Bottom-Radio Towers serving rural areas)
-Information Slide projecting ‘Traction & Accelerating Revenue’ shown
-Attractive –‘no middle man in our model’. 
-Financial & Metrics Slide presented – suggesting profitability and future. 
-Last Slide titled:  Results to Date.  Goal IPO in 1-2 years... 
Q & A
Q – Comments on Tower intensity and local hardware capacity & memory requirements please?
A – 5G has capacity and required low latency.  Auto cars require very low latency.  Our equipment today is too slow for self-driving cars.
Q – Cost?
A $100/mo + subscribers WiFi.  Towers have ~8 mile radius, 200 square miles.
Q – Backup?
A – No backup if tower goes down.
Q – Startups?  Sweden vs US differences? -
A – US best country in world culturing & supporting entrepreneurs.  Can take technology to market more easily than in Europe or Sweden.
Q – Protocol used as commercial internet different from cell phones?
A – Exactly same ICIP protocol.
Q – What’s truth in statement: ‘Technology out pacing ability to use it’?
A – Computing hardware power has always been ahead of programing. 
Q – Talk about 5G
A – 5G has no effect on average consumer today – too early...
Q – Talk more on 5G
A – Faster & lower latency.  Will have smaller cells and higher frequencies – more like WiFi but bigger....
Q – Transmissions affected by weather?
A – No
Q – 5G require hardware upgrade?
A – 5G requires completely new hardware – but not on your end.
Q – We’re losing privacy.  Can be tracked by some – China?
A – China is a real threat!   Say what want about Trump, he’s crazy, but Chinese pose a larger threat!  Chinese 5G comprised largely of American technology.
Last Q, Carl-Johan Torarp:  What is internet address & how we contact you?
A hearty round of Applause followed with President Herb offering coveted Ham & Eggs Coffee mug as token of appreciation.
Thank You Dale Borgeson & Darrell Bertelson for photography.  Photos included on weekly membership email distributions.  

Ron Jensen


Mike Murphy

September 25, 2019
Mike Murphy Member of Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: Trillion Dollar Deficits: How the Federal Budget Symbolizes a Broken Political System.
Host: Roger O’Daniel.
Upcoming Events:

10/2/2019 - Carl-Johan Torarp, CEO and Majority Owner of LocalLoop Inc., (a rural Internet Company): “Understanding the Cloud’,4G and 5G Networks”.Host: Roger Stageberg.
10/9/2019 - Who Am I? New Members tell Their Stories. Members: Roger Stageberg, David Porter & Gary Harrington.
10/16/2019 – Alan Anderson, Encore Speaker: ”Rising CO2 and
Ocean Acidification”. Host: Dan Biersdorf.
President, Herb Schechter opened the meeting apologizing that he did not have a joke to share but in his unique style relating to today’s topic of Taxes - shared that a Fine is a Tax for doing wrong and a Tax is a Fine for doing well.
Very possibly a record (7 or 8, all with a unique story of why they were at Ham & Eggs today). This writer lost track after he introduced his own guest.
No Announcements This Week:
Introduction & Speaker
Roger O’Daniel introduced today’s speaker Mike Murphy, Chief of Staff of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.
Mr. Murphy began by thanking the Club’s Members for scheduling breakfast before the message as what he was about to share would ruin most appetites.
Mr. Murphy stated that part of his job is to educate the public on the importance of getting the Federal Budget back on track and reduce/eliminate the increasing Federal Budget deficit that no one in Washington is even talking about.
Mr. Murphy stated that the subject of deficit spending is Complex,
Complicated, Controversial and difficult to present in any given period of time. Moving on he simplified his presentation to: 15 key facts.
#1 - The current fiscal years Federal Spending is $4.4 Trillion Dollars and Revenue is $3.5 Trillion, thus a deficit of $900 Billion dollars.
#2 – The 2020 projected deficit is $1.0 Trillion Dollars. Projecting
forward to 2029 and it rises to $1.5 Trillion.
#3 – Debt as a percentage of GDP. The highest ever recorded was at the end of WWll of 119%. During the current economic boom, it is 105% and rising. The average over the last 80 years was approximately 65%.
Highlights from #4 through #15:
**80% of the spending growth is associated with Healthcare, Social Security and Interest on the Debt.
**Interest on the Federal Debt is the fastest growing line item in the Federal Budget. China owns $1.1 trillion of US debt.
**70% of federal spending grows automatically. (i.e. 70% is on auto pilot).
**Only 30% of federal spending is discretionary.
**Cannot grow your way out of economic trouble.
**3.4% growth over a sustained period of time is needed to correct the problem.
**During the current economic boom 2% has been a struggle.
**In Washington there is no discourse (written or spoken `communication or debate) in regards to the Federal Deficit.
How to Fix the Federal Budget Problem.
**Get people talking.
**Pay for your agenda.
**Cut waste.
**Cut tax loopholes.
**Reduce healthcare costs.
**Find new revenue sources.
**Pledge to save Social Security.
**Fix the budget process. (shutdowns?)
Mr. Murphy’s presentation ended with his challenge to the audience to get involved and demand that your elected officials address the rising Federal Debt.
A lively Q and A session followed. Complex, Complicated and Controversial…
The meeting closed with the ceremonial gifting of the treasured Ham & Eggs coffee mug.
Bob Remakel,

Thom Winninger

Sept 18, 2019
Thom Winninger, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder of NSA Center:
 “Landing Up! Discovering Your Purpose in Life and Work”
Host: Dale Borgeson
 Upcoming Speakers
9/25/2019  Mike Murphy, Member of Committee For a Responsible Federal Budget: “Trillion Dollar Deficits:  How the Federal Budget Symbolizes a Broken Political System:  Host: Roger O’Daniel

10/2/2019  Carl-Johan Torarp, CEO and Majority Owner of LocalLoop Inc., (a rural Internet Company): “Understanding the ‘Cloud’, 4G and 5G Networks”.  Host: Roger Stageberg

10/9/2019  Who Am I?  New Members Tell Their Stories.  Members:  Roger Stageberg, David Porter and Gary Harrington
Herb Schechter – “Good Morning Ham & Eggers”. 
No Guests this Week
Announcements & Morning Starters
Leslie Sharpe – Still waiting for inrush of Speakers.  Right now, falling a little behind.  We need speakers.

Leslie Sharpe – Some ‘word play’:  What’s opposite of ‘inspirational’?  ’Expirational’!

Herb Schechter “In St Peters Square two beggars sat, one holding a Cross & other a Jewish Star.  Remarkably, beggar with Cross getting all the money.  Happenstance, Pope walks by and beggar with Star complained.  Pope returned: ‘Goldstein, this is Catholic Country.  Who’s now telling who how to market?’ ”  Much Laughter!

Herb, on a roll, continued with nonsensical Court Room questions from lawyers.   More Laughter! 

Denny Schulstad, filling for Victor Kirsch, provided ‘true story’ before enthusiastically announcing “This Morning, We Have The Best Speaker in Minnesota –We’re Glad You’re Here!”
Thank you Les, Herb and Denny!
Today’s Speaker
Dale Borgerson before introduction of today’s phenomenal speaker commented: “Denny could sell ice-cream to Eskimos!”.   Today our speaker is Thom Winninger!
Thom Winninger
Been doing this for ~40 years!   I repurpose companies.  Do the same with lives. 
Here followed a lightning fast, wisdom filled delivery with subtly mixed humorous declarations on (some) today’s corporate business themes and personal life targets.
-Stop Competing!  Corporate leaders today should not compete, they should lead.  Today’s goal not how to get a customer – instead, goal should be how to keep him!   Concept true in all life’s endeavors.
-Gotta believe in self. 
-Best customers always rule!  Identify your audience & meet best customer’s needs. 
SLIDE:  ”The higher the purpose the more value in your life” -  Winnniger ‘Purposology’
-No answer to ‘Why in life’ - It’s about the ‘What’!
SLIDE:  “The quality of the defined end draws the actions to get there” – Winninger ‘Teleology’
-Joke!  Kodak Decided not to get into technology.  Decided to compete & make film cheaper than Fuji.  Kodak had digital technology first and huge capacity.  Could have become Google of the world!  They decided to compete, not satisfy customer. 
SLIDE:  “At this moment you are full of unrealized potential of what you will ever be”.
Q & A
Q – Will you work with H&E Committee to help increase membership?
A – Yes - Will meet with once!  I love you, but don’t like you (tongue in cheek?)..  Can meet & will help functionality.  Highest felt need hopefully is commonality.
Q – Social aptitude?
A –Problem with rural America is health care.  People moving to Minnesota from Florida for health care.  When like minded people get together, know must save rural America.  People go to highest need (not Education – we’re over educated) health care.  Yes, we get deranged with quantitative research (addressing member’s statement).  Need qualitative, not quantitative feedback. 
A hearty round of Applause followed.  Herb presented the coveted Ham & Eggs Coffee Mug (certainly someday a valued collector’s item)
Thank You Dale Borgeson and Darrell Bertelson for photography - included on weekly Membership Email distributions.
Ron Jensen


Roger O’Daniel

Sept 11, 2019

Member Roger O’Daniel  “911 – A Day of Infamy”
Upcoming Speakers
9/18/2019  Thom Winninger, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder of NSA Center:  “Landing Up! Discovering Your Purpose in Life and Work”  Host: Dale Borgeson
9/25/2019  Mike Murphy, Member of Committee For a Responsible Federal Budget: “Trillion Dollar Deficits:  How the Federal Budget Symbolizes a Broken Political System:  Host: Roger O’Daniel
10/2/2019  Carl-Johan Torarp, CEO and Majority Owner of LocalLoop Inc., (a rural Internet Company): “Understanding the ‘Cloud’, 4G and 5G Networks”.  Host: Roger Stageberg
Herb Schechter – “Good Morning Ham & Eggers”.  Last week Darrell complimented me on fact that I looked  relaxed up here leaning against this podium.  What I didn’t tell him, that if I didn’t lean against it, I’d fall down!  Laughter!   Great to see you this morning!
No Guests this Week
Roger O’Daniel – A notice from the National Weather Service.  For 2 years now, China has been building a submarine base immediately north of the Bahamas.  Well, last week, hurricane Dorian took care of a problem we hadn’t been able to resolve, it demolished the submarine base.  Not only that, but China also lost a submarine in the process. 

Herb Schechter added:  Roger is always good for information or entertainment.  Sometimes, however, you don’t know if he’s kissed the Blarney Stone or reciting fact. 
Victor Kirsch  - Burglar breaks in and tells the man and woman he’s going to shoot them if they don’t hand over all valuables.  The man declares, you can have my valuables, but please do not shoot the woman.   The burglar states, you must love your wife very much.   The man says, I certainly do and she’s gonna be home in about an hour!   Much Laughter!  Then –“Why We Are Here!”
Today’s Speaker
Roger’Daniel  before starting presentation was asked to tell members a little about himself.  He began by stating a Jesuit associate several years earlier similarly asked him 3 Questions:
  1. Who are you?  (and the Jesuit didn’t want his name...)
Roger replied, hopefully somebody who is:  trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.  (And yes, Roger has 4 generations of scouts in his family)
  1. What Saint most closely reflects your personality & why?
St Peter.  Why? Because his teachings are ‘all over the place’.
  1. What’s you mission in life?
Mission is to understand people and help them get to where they want to go.
Eighteen years ago America was hit hard on its’ own turf by radicals.  Our CIA, NCIS, Homeland Security like functions & FBI all had information, but wouldn’t talk to each other!  911 could have been prevented.  Our own government, whose primary job is national defense, let us down.  All Congress and President take oath entering office, they all let us down.
Here Roger began concise well edited, well labeled superb/horrific photo presentation of our Country’s history - keeping Ham & Eggs members absolute attention....  (How absolute?  Friends - You could have heard a pin drop...)  The images started with Osama bin Laden followed by commercial aircraft routes of 4 planes paths that fateful morning.  Then - the horrific  images!  All aircraft had full fuel tanks. 
After the attack, ‘al Qaeda’ claimed responsibility. Muslims throughout globe danced in the streets
Q & A
Q – You made statement Manhattan is below sea level?
A – Yes.  (Scribe, following quick research found evasive Internet responses to this sensitive Q –Best accumulation: Manhattan sitting on dirt fill is sinking with perhaps ‘average’ today elevation 33 feet above sea level)
Q – Controversial comments associating Muslims with al Qaeda. Muslims belong to a religious segment/population – not al Qaeda.
A – Satellite photos show crowds (Muslim cities across globe) celebrating news of Towers attack.  Of 1 B Muslims on planet, 1.5% are radicalized. A small fraction, yet takes about 5 people to support each radical. 
A concern as a whole bunch out there.  
Q -  Language!  The common usage of ‘Muslim’ rather than ‘Terrorist’. 
A – Trying to report on what I’ve learned – not condemn.
Q – 1st  Homeland Security was created after 911.  Also, about 2 B Muslins today (not 1 B suggested) - but Q:  With increased Saudi Arabia relationships, are we going down the wrong path in light of history?  
A –If try to make friends with Tiger, you look like food.  In other words, sometimes hard to tell the good from the bad –and then, how to deal with.
Q – When a pilot in training only wants instructions on how to ‘take off’ and ‘’not land’ – somethings wrong! 
A – Dahhh! 
Comment – I was an American Airlines pilot.  Flew same aircraft, same routes.  Wasn’t my day to fly, but knew one of pilots.  Myself, actually in the air that day heading for Washington DC.  We got as far as Wisconsin.  Learning, but not understanding, what ‘Major Event’ occurred.  I suggested to associates - as quick as can –let’s get to rental cars. 
Q – Mentality to take over the world?
A –That’s a judgement – certain 8 people in room would disagree if responded to that. 
Q – The US is on path to energy independency.  If don’t need Saudis for oil – do we still need as friend?
A –Refineries have complex product mix.  Chocolate, Asphalt, etc today still require imports.  Saying, transportation costs are significant element delivering the product.
President Herb here announces the dreaded words:   “Last Q”
Q – Terrific Presentation!  Q –What happened to military discipline referred to at beginning of presentation?
A – Browse Wikipedia, the online Encyclopedia.  An explanation of much information not shared at this time.  An excellent source!
Again, another hearty round of Applause. 
Thank you ‘again ‘ Roger O’Daniel for another superb presentation.  This time, a horror story reminder of our countries history. 
Thank You Dale Borgeson for photography.- provided on weekly emailed Newsletter distributions.

Ron Jensen