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Welcome to Ham & Eggs Club, a premier breakfast club established in 1946.

Now celebrating 77 years of members meeting every Wednesday morning to enjoy:

Fellowship - Food - Ideas - Inspiration


FELLOWSHIP: Members begin gathering at 7:00 AM, greeting old friends and making some more. An amazing range of topics arise when bright, accomplished leaders in a variety of occupations share their insights. Respect, tolerance, and mutual support are prime values of Ham & Eggs Club. 


FOOD: Edina Country Club offers a hearty buffet breakfast, with choices appealing to nearly every palate. The server staff also endeavor to assist those with special dietary needs. Members and guests pay $20 at the door to cover the costs. Food is available at 7:15 AM.


IDEAS: Ham & Eggs Club has attracted a remarkably broad range of guest speakers, from politics, business, law, medicine, science, religion, music, arts, sports, philanthropy, and social justice. We have accepted the challenge of new ideas, and we have responded with attentive consideration. This club values and respects considered opinion based upon facts.


INSPIRATION: Many club members have been in military service to America, and others have served in similar ways in various helping professions. Faithful fulfillment of sworn oaths, patriotism, duty, honor, and service are values clearly alive and well when we gather. Everyone in the room is more likely to feel empowered to take on a difficult task or new challenge. Networking has been a vital component of our longevity.